Siding Your House: 4 Reasons to Hire a Contractor in the Warmer Months

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If you are like a good number of homeowners, you have probably avoided updating your siding for at least one or two seasons too many, so now is the time to accept that what is there at the moment is simply no longer considered stylish.

Summer time is the perfect moment to arrange a much-needed update to your home’s exterior for a number of very good reasons, and here are just four of the really good reasons why this year is the point where you should address the issue and get the process done.

Add value

Replacing your existing siding will add instant curb-appeal by transforming the exterior of your property from scruffy and outdated to modern and attractive, and you are most likely to add enough value to your property to potentially recoup the cost outlay overnight.

There are price variances depending on the material that you choose for your new siding and how much you recoup from your outlay will depend on which one you choose to use. When you look at vinyl siding prices, it is highly encouraging to note that Remodeling Magazine suggested in a survey that you could expect to get back just over 70% of your costs for this job when you come to sell your home.

If you chose fiber-cement siding then the initial cost outlay is probably going to be a bit higher but you might get back slightly more than vinyl when it comes to selling your home whereas foam-backed insulated vinyl will cost even more to install but still get you back around 70% of your original outlay. It is clear that whichever material you choose, you will be adding value and recouping a fair amount of your costs at a later date.

Get a good deal

You will often find that contractors may offer you a better price and the best deals on your siding during the summer months.

The reason for this is that most siding contractors are flat out during spring and fall so you might find that they are not so busy during the summer months, which means that you might just be able to negotiate a pretty good deal, so that they can keep busy during this period.

Meet your budget

There is a plenty of choice when it comes to choosing your siding and this means that you have a good opportunity to meet your budget and still get a brilliant makeover for the exterior of your property.
Vinyl is a popular choice and ticks a lot of boxes because it is low maintenance, comes in a variety of colors and is quite often cheaper than other materials used, making it the primary choice of siding for most astute and cost-conscious homeowners.

Plastic planks can work if you are maybe looking for something that resembles cedar without the usual maintenance issues of wood and fiber cement is considered reasonably environmentally-friendly as it is made from a number of natural ingredients, but this material is susceptible to water damage and does require more maintenance.

Beneficial to contractors

Another good reason to consider the summer as the perfect time for updating your siding is not just of the potential cost benefits, but also it is beneficial for the health of the contractor to do this job at this time of the year.

The weather conditions are generally better so they are not being asked to work in cold or wet surroundings and they can get the job done in a timely manner without interruptions, following the shade around the house if they need to in order to stay out of the heat.

These are just four of the many reasons why updating your siding this summer will be a good move and there is no reason to delay, when you think of how much of the cost you are likely to get back.

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