What Type of Home is Ideal For a Corner Sofa?

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Like it or not, the main focus of any lounge is the seating and your sofa is one of the most important purchase made in the home. The traditional option of a 3 seater sofa and either 2 armchairs or a 2 seater sofa can dominate the room, especially if it is on the smaller side. Many a home-owner has struggled with fitting their sofas into a box lounge, but recently more and more people have been discovering the benefits of choosing a corner sofa.

Which Type of Room Suits a Corner Sofa

It is often thought that corner sofas are the best solution for a small room. However, the truth is they do not work in just any small room, it has to be the appropriate shape. If you tried to use a corner sofa is a long, narrow lounge then it would probably not even fit into the room.

The optimum shape of room to accommodate these types of sofas is a fairly square room and of course there must be two adjoining walls along which a sofa can be placed. These walls should be free of radiators, doors and windows. It is important to measure the room and the sofa to make sure that it is a good fit!

With that being said, corner sofas are not necessarily only suitable for smaller rooms. One common way to use them is to divide up a multi-purpose room. For example, if your home has a large open plan dining area and lounge you could position a corner sofa at the meeting point to split the two spaces, by having one ‘arm’ of the sofa extend part of the way across the room.

Corner sofas can also be a great choice for an odd shaped room where it would be difficult to fit in traditional sofas due to the odd angles of the room.

The Benefits of Choosing a Corner Sofa

Aside from saving space in smaller rooms, there are many other benefits which come with choosing a corner sofa for your home. One of these benefits is that many people find it a more sociable option for entertaining friends. The formation of the seating means that several people can sit together in a sort of semi circle, allowing everyone to talk with each other and being less formal than sitting facing one another.

A corner sofa can also be a good choice for larger families, as it provides more seating then traditional sofas. Some people have said that it is possible to seat up to 10 people on their corner sofas if need be – that means there should be plenty of room for you, the kids and even the family dog to relax in front of the television after a long day.

If you do not have a guest bedroom, and you dislike the idea of a sofa bed, then you might even find that a corner sofa makes an ideal place to sleep when you have guests. Due to the flat nature of these sofas and the lack of arms, it is fairly comfortable to lie on and can be made up as a bed for those staying overnight.

Corner sofas not only make great use of space in small, square rooms but they are highly versatile as well. The only place they do not work particularly well is in narrow rooms where you may find that they leave the room feeling cluttered. Otherwise, they are great for families and those who like to socialise regularly.

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