Ways to Decorate Your Home Using Recycled Materials

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Recycling is very important for the environment, but many of us forget to do it regularly. Luckily, you can remind yourself to recycle by doing a creative and fun project.

Here are some ways to decorate your home using recycled materials.

Get Creative With Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of self-expression and sentimental values. You could repurpose old bottle caps to create a coaster. In addition, you could sew your children’s old clothes together to make new curtains or a blanket.

If you have old curtains, you could use them to make a rug. If you kept your children’s old teddy bears, you could use the stuffing to make a pillow. If you kept a broken crib, you could use some of the pieces to make a table for your hobbies. There are so many options for creativity!

Go Vintage With Your Kitchen

If you and your spouse are fans of vintage styles, decorate your kitchen with some of your old wallpaper. For example, you can use your old wine bottles as vases. If you do not want vases, you could use the glass from the wine bottles to make a baking pan.

You can even create and hang up a photo collage of your favorite vintage designs to inspire more ideas. If you have old wooden signs, you could cut them to make cutting boards, plates, forks, or spoons.

Rock on With a Rock-and-Roll Vibe in Your Living Room

If you were once a rock star, perhaps you kept some of your old guitar picks and instruments. Put your picks together to create a guitar design that you can hang on your wall. Decorate a cardboard box to make it look like an amp.

Perhaps you could laminate an old CD to use as a coaster. Hang up a large collage of rock back shirts that you no longer wear. You can’t go wrong with your favorite bands and music. If you have small tables, turn them into drums against the wall. Use legs from one of the tables as large drumsticks.

Keep on Trucking With an Automobile Theme in Your Garage

Since your vehicle belongs in your garage, you can create an automobile theme. Put together pictures of old cars, trucks, and vacation spots to use as wallpaper. If you have old tires, doors, and other car parts, use them to create models of different cars.

Even if you do not end up using old and broken car parts, do not throw them away—tossing tires has a very negative environmental impact. If you have been thinking about throwing out your child’s broken railroad set, glue the tracks to the wall. It’s a fun and unique way to decorate with style.

Hopefully, some of these ways to decorate your home using recycled materials will help you remember to recycle. Have fun and be proud of yourself for helping the environment.

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