Popular Interior Design Styles for Your Home

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Building a house is truly a dream come true. Customizing your home from the ground up is a privilege unlike any other. However, as exciting as the process is, there are so many things that homeowners must consider during the construction process.

Here are three popular interior design styles for your home that people can choose from.  Hopefully, one of these vibes strikes your fancy so that you have one less thing to worry about as you build the house of your dreams.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse interior design is all the rage right now. So many homeowners want rustic elements throughout their place. If you like country features like exposed wood, then a modern farmhouse design is the perfect fit for you.

Farmhouse style combines rustic pieces with industrial materials. Modern farmhouse décor consists of a neutral color palette and it’s all about simplicity. This interior design style isn’t meant for people who love bold accent walls or unique furniture items. Rather, comfort and minimalism are at the heart of this look.


Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the beach every day? If you choose a coastal interior design for your house, your dream can become a reality. When choosing furniture for your home, comfort should be your number one priority. Select furniture pieces that make a room more inviting for your guests.

People looking to achieve a coastal look should pay close attention to the color palette, as well. Although homeowners should keep rooms minimal, you can experiment with ocean-like colors such as green, turquoise, or periwinkle blue. Coastal-lovers should also consider hanging artwork that reminds them of the water to drive the theme home even further.


Traditionalism is undoubtedly a popular interior design style for houses across the country. One reason why people are so drawn to this style is because it’s built with practicality in mind. People who are building a house for a family should consider designing their place with a traditional flair. Start by purchasing an oversized sofa that’s perfect for a family movie night.

Don’t forget dad’s armchair where he can sit and do the morning crossword. Traditionalism offers a little more flexibility with the color palette, too. Please, don’t paint your living room white if you know that kids will scuff up the walls. Instead, stick to beige tones or even a light green. Remember to fill your walls with tons of family photos.

You can’t go wrong with any of these popular interior design styles for your home. Do your research during the building’s construction phase. Choose a style that reflects your family’s personality and a design that you can see yourself living in for years to come. Once all the craziness of building is over, you’ll have your dream home.

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