Buying VS Remodeling—2 Reasons to Buy a New Home and 2 Reasons to Remodel

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buy vs remodel

If your home is starting to look a little dated, you’re probably itching to make some changes. In some cases, however, it can be easier just to start from scratch by purchasing a new home. To be sure, there are pros and cons to both buying new and remodeling what you already have. To help you make the best decision for your situation, here are two reasons to buy a new home and two reasons to remodel your current home.

No Compromises

As families change over time, their home requirements tend to change as well. If you want to have a home that meets your family right where it is, then buying a new home is your best option. If you buy a new home that hasn’t yet been built, you can have a say in every last detail of its construction. This includes where walls are located, how tall the ceilings are, which way the windows face, and all the other small details, allowing you to get rid of all those minor and major annoyances that exist in your current home.

More Efficient

Another major factor that a new home has in its favor is the fact that new single family houses for sale tend to be far more energy-efficient than older homes. Thanks to improvements in construction techniques, new homes can be built in such a way so as to maximize the effectiveness of insulation and other energy-saving measures. When you combine this with more energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and roofing materials, you end up with an easy decision.

Lower Cost

Though some remodeling projects can get quite expensive, it’s still almost always cheaper to remodel your home than to purchase a new home. When you purchase a new home, you’re paying for the labor used to build the home in addition to the materials used to build the home. On the other hand, if you are skilled enough to complete home remodeling projects on your own, you only have to pay for the materials, with the only other investment being “sweat equity.”

Less Disruption

Even though remodeling certain rooms can cause a short disruption to your daily routine, the disruption caused by moving to a new home is far greater. Trying to organize all the details of a move can be an overwhelming process that can make your current home look far more appealing. If you’re able to complete your remodeling project in stages, the disruption is likely to be so minimal that it won’t even change how you have to live your life.

Other Circumstances

To be sure, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other factors that go into the choice to move or remodel. In some cases, then, it may make sense to take some time to make a list of these factors to arrive at a well-informed decision. By including everyone in your family throughout the process, you ensure that the decision that’s made will meet your family’s needs for years to come.

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