Ways to Add Character to Your Home

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When you want to add some personal touches to your home, put some character into it. Although older homes are typically described as “having character” on home design shows and in articles, any home can have character. The best part about adding it yourself is it’s completely customizable to perfectly reflect your personality. Here are some fun and easy ways to add character to your home.

Add beadboard to your walls

Beadboards are a fun and low-maintenance way to add character to your home’s walls without the effort and reconstruction that wainscoting takes. These are easy to install on your own and add an old-style built-in look to your home, without all the hassle. You can also paint them to show some extra personality and bring the room together.

Install a custom mural

You can get personalized ceramic tiles for your home. These can add beauty and character in the form of a custom mural you can install on a wall within your home. You can get any unique design or image printed. This is a much more unique way to add character to your home than a new paint job—and a lot less work, too.  

Paint your kitchen cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets can bring your kitchen from classic to unique. Choose a soft color that still pops against your home’s color scheme. This adds some unique touches to your home without overwhelming the space. Colors such as a seafoam green, a pale pink, or a soft orange can really bring a room some character without distracting from its other features.

Replace your door handles

Replacing your door handles is a super simple project you can easily complete without professional help. The standard doorknobs that comes on most doors in homes are boring and don’t show a lot of character. Instead, replace these with unique ones you find that truly reflect your home’s personality and style.

Bonus Tip: Get similar but different doorknobs throughout your home for a sense of unique character while maintaining a base amount of uniformity so nothing stands out too much.

Invest in a unique lighting fixture

Lighting fixtures are an often-forgotten part of home décor. Sprucing up your lighting fixtures at home can make a bigger difference than many people may realize. Look into different types of home lighting fixtures and find a unique one that accurately displays your home style and can act as a focal piece in a room. Lighting can truly make or break a room, so find some that stands out.

Overall, it’s easier than it seems to add fun and unique touches to your home. These little changes can transform a house from a place to live to a home. All these minor changes add up to a house that’s a conversation piece in itself. They are also all simple to complete without hiring professionals to do installs—making them very affordable.

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