Effective Ways to Insulate Your Windows

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During the warmer and colder months, our homes aren’t as energy-efficient as they could be. As our central air and heating systems struggle to keep up with the extreme temperatures, we lose out on comfort as well as money. Windows are often the primary culprits of energy loss, so it’s important for homeowners to find ways to insulate their home’s windows from the elements, which prevents their money from literally slipping through the cracks. Here are a few effective ways to insulate your windows and protect your wallet.

Fill Any Cracks and Gaps in the Frame

The primary reason why widows so commonly release energy is that they’re susceptible to developing various cracks or gaps as the home shifts. To significantly reduce this problem, it’s important that you immediately seal any openings you find. For blemishes in the window frame, use a water-based latex caulk for optimal effect. However, if you find more damage on your metal or glass surfaces, you’ll want to use a sturdier silicone-based product.

Apply Window Insulation Film

If you’d like to further insulate your windows from the elements, you could also consider applying a sturdy window insulation film. These kits of plastic shrink film work best when you place them along the indoor window frame and seal them with heat from a hair dryer. When installed correctly, insulation films block any existing gaps and prevent energy from escaping. Be sure to smooth out the wrinkles in the film when you’re sealing it for a cleaner aesthetic. However, note that the strength of the double-sided tape on these products often leads to paint damage upon their removal.

Install Efficient Window Treatments

You could also see success by installing additional window treatments such as thick curtains or exterior window shutters. These features not only add an extra level of charm to your home’s design, but also work well to block energy from escaping the home. They also grant you control over temperature and lighting, making it easier for you to customize your home’s atmosphere. However, to make the most of the project, keep in mind that you’ll need to take the proper steps to installing exterior window shutters.

Use Draft Stoppers

People typically use draft stoppers at the foot of doors to prevent drafts, but they work just as well on windowsills. Best of all, they’re easy to use. Simply align the tube on the sill along the frame opening and ensure that it’s snug against the gaps. Because draft stoppers are typically filled with rice, popcorn, beans, or another malleable material, adjusting them to fit a variety of areas and tight spaces is easy. However, remember that these stoppers only block one area of a window at a time, so you may need to purchase more than one. Fortunately, they’re often inexpensive and easy to find in your local department store.

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