Remodeling Regrets: 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Home

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Home renovation is a popular project for many people. Upgrades can save energy, increase value, and make the home more livable, as well as providing a much-needed change in the surroundings. That said, renovations are often complicated and costly, so it is very important to plan them correctly to avoid remodeling regrets. Here are four mistakes to avoid as you begin home renovations.

Choosing the Wrong Colors

Selecting the palette for your project can be tricky. On the one hand, you want something stylish and new, but on the other, you don’t want anything that will look dated in a couple of years. Look for a good balance of those considerations; a color that seems bold now will become overwhelming later, but something neutral now will be boring down the road. Another thing to consider is whether you intend to move in the future. Colors that are too audacious have the tendency to scare away potential buyers.

Missing Opportunities

Many times, a renovation project reveals other issues in the home, such as aging pipes or pest problems. In the interest of saving time and money, many people make the mistake of glossing over them and not addressing them. Later, they end up having to undo their finished work and work on something that has become much more serious by their neglect. Any unpleasant surprise you find in your project is best dealt with then and there.

Trapping Yourself

Some project create elements that can literally and figuratively paint you into a corner. A new set of cabinets in the kitchen might seem like a great idea until five years later when you realize you can’t get past them with a new refrigerator. Be mindful of the overall design and take into account all the functions in your home, not just those you perform every day. In the end, your home’s utility is far more important than its style.

Doing Too Much Yourself

A very common strategy for lowering the cost of a renovation is to undertake some or all of the work yourself. And as long as you know what you’re doing, it can turn out just fine. For most people, the best DIY tasks include things like painting and switching out appliances, but if it comes to full-scale kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, or anything involving more skills than you possess, your money is best spent investing in a professional.

Home renovations will always pay off if they’re done correctly. The most common mistakes involve trying too hard to save money, and making decisions that aren’t carefully thought through prior to swinging the first hammer. The real value of remodeling is in the long term, so as long as you plan it with that distant horizon in mind, you’ll have a great outcome that will provide all the benefits you expect.

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