4 Home Improvements for Greater Tranquility

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It seems like stress is everywhere we look these days. Whether it’s work, school, or even just running errands, it’s important that you find ways to get a break. That’s when you go home. But if you want to get the maximum tranquility out of your house, then it’s important to set it up with the right design methods to keep stress out. We’ll show you a few ways you can change up your place to make it a more peaceful environment.

Get New Colors

You may know that certain colors tend to provoke certain feelings or reactions within us. One of the easiest ways you can create a more calming environment for yourself is to alter the color palette around you. Colors that are considered “cool” should have a more tranquil and relaxing aspect to them versus colors that run “hot” or make you feel anxious. Natural, earthy tones such as soft greys and browns can also be extremely beneficial to make a room feel calm and relaxed. Ways to work soft and cool colors into your home are by repainting, adding throw pillows and accents, or adding a rug.

Change Materials

Your home might use a lot of synthetic materials in its construction. That is completely normal, but you might be able to relax a bit more and shift your mood around by making some changes. Finding ways to incorporate natural materials such as stone or wood into the design of your home can have a calming effect. Shiny or reflective surfaces can be stressful as they trigger movement in your peripheral vision. Replacing things like leather couches with polyester can also make a space feel more comfortable and homey.

Create Quiet

There are various companies that can help you improve the acoustics of your favorite rooms. Some sound muffling designs can be a great idea if you want a music room to listen to calming or tranquil sounds while you meditate. Panels can be installed in patterns like ocean waves along the wall, creating both function and art. Sound controlling panels on high ceilings can also reduce the feeling of being left out in the open and remove hollow echoes that create feelings of emptiness. Adding more fabric with curtains, rugs, and pillows can also help to absorb and muffle sound, as well.

Add Indoor Effects

Various special effects and devices can reduce your stress and increase your level of calm. Something like an indoor waterfall is pleasant to look at during meditation. The low level of consistent sound it makes can be soothing to a cluttered mind, and flowing water releases ions into the air that have actually been known to help with depression. Indoor waterfalls can be small installations, or larger ones can be made with concrete pumping for inside or outside the house. Having your own custom made with a concrete base can allow you to personalize your waterfall to any shape or size you want.

You don’t have to change the entire structure of the house to create a home space that is more calming for you. Something as simple as a new color scheme or furniture accents can make major changes to the feel of a room. Using just a few of the changes we suggest above, you can make the place you live into a space that is ideal for releasing stress and keeping it away for as long as you want.

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