Different Grey Crazy Paving Products for Landscaping

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There are varied options for landscaping so it is essential to choose the best for long lasting and beautiful appeal. There are several commonly used paving stone for landscaping and so one must know the exact differences so that you can install the right paving stone. There are also different categories that vary greatly.

The article will tell you about different grey crazy paving products for landscaping.

Types of Natural Stones

  1. Crazy paving: It is a hard surfacing used mostly in gardens and is more consistent and available in different colours. This is the reason that once they are installed, the entire appearance of the property changes. The colours that are used are usually dark grey or may be medium brown. The light golden yellow that gives the home a different and unique look is very popular among homeowners.

    The crazy paving products can also be highlighted or even darkened if preferred by applying various sealers to the pavers. These pavers are easy to install due to the interlocking system that eliminates the normal cutting of the stone. The homeowner is pleased as it saves not only time but also money. The crazy paving can be applied either as flooring or a feature wall. They are best suited for pillar or the area where there are water features.

  2. Flagstone: This is a type of natural stone that is used as grey crazy paving product and is sourced from quarry. It is cut into various sizes with the help of machine. This if combined, gives a random appearance. They are quite large in size. They are best used for pathways.
  3. Cobblestone: There are basically two types of cobblestones that are applied for either driveways or walkways. If you opt for the first one, then it will be laid straight and flat. This gives a uniform look with a great finish. This is the natural stone that also can be laid in circular shapes. This gives a very creative look and has the appearance of overlapping circles. Of course the color options are limited like dark grey.
  4. Travertine: The travertine is the most common type of crazy paving products. They are also known as travertine tiles. This is unique because it has distinct pitted holes and troughs. They are in fact visible on the surface. The product is extremely durable and has a wonderful finish. If it is polished, then it creates a vibrant, smooth and a shiny surface.

Effective Way to Create a Different Look

The grey crazy paving products are considered to be the most effective way to give an entirely different look to the path or the patio of the property. It is specially designed in a way that makes it very durable and is of very high quality. It may be available in an affordable price for which it has gained huge popularity because of the qualities. These products are usually sold in tons. And are special because:

  • It has a fantastic value option.
  • The stock of these products is available in plenty and is also delivered quickly.
  • The products are available in irregular shapes sizes. It has varied thickness too.

The crazy paving is found in diverse range and each of them has flexibility in designs. They are applicable for both residential as well as commercial projects. They are very dense and you will find them extremely durable. The best thing is that they have a natural variation in color.

They are designed to ensure a relatively consistent accuracy as far as dimension is concerned. This is ideal for flooring options and is even greater if one works with curves in gardens and other landscapes for home project.

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