3 Reasons Why Vinyl is the Ideal Fencing Material

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No home is complete without a fence. It’s the most essential addition to your garden landscape as it not only helps to mark out your boundary, it can also increase the security of your home as a whole, and give you extra privacy.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fence, or install a new one on your property, then you may be considering traditional wooden options, but it can pay to consider more contemporary options, such as vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are becoming increasingly popular, and here are three reasons why.

1. More Economical

Vinyl is a more economical fencing material than traditional softwood or hardwood for a number of reasons. Firstly, the material itself can be cheaper to purchase, especially when you buy from a vinyl fencing specialist who provides a nationwide fence supply; this saving can be especially important if you have a large perimeter that you want to fence off. Secondly, it can be quicker to install and that too can save money if you pay a contractor to do it for you. Thirdly, when you buy a vinyl fence, you won’t need to worry about the aftercare treatments that wood needs, so you can simply make the initial purchase and then sit back and enjoy your fence.

2. No Need for Annual Treatments

We alluded to this above, but it’s a fact that all wooden fencing needs a regular treatment of paint, oil or stain, as failure to do so can leave it unprotected against the weather, and this can lead to mold or dry rot making an unwanted appearance. Having to re-paint or re-stain a wooden fence is a job that we can all do without, even without taking the cost of materials into account, and the larger your fence, the more laborious the task becomes.

3. More Durable Than Wood

Our fences are outside, exposed to the elements all year round, and that means that they take a battering from sun, wind, rain and snow. Left untreated, they can be attacked by rot and insect attack, or they can take on a silvery grey color caused by UV exposure; even if treated you can soon be left with unsightly flaking paint or wood stain. Vinyl is supremely tough and waterproof, and it’s immune to rot, woodworm and beetle infestations, so that means that it stays looking great for longer. It also typically lasts much longer than a traditional wooden fence material such as cedar, which is yet another way that it can provide better value for money.

Purchasing a vinyl fence rather than a cedar or hardwood model can save you money on the purchase and it will keep on saving money over many years after the fence has been installed. It’s also much stronger, and doesn’t need regular treatments, so it saves you time as well as money. It’s easy to see why vinyl fences are becoming ever more popular, especially as they can now be purchased in a range of exciting styles and colors, including wood effect vinyl.

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