Types of Locks and Locksmith Service Providers

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A locksmith is a professional who can perform a wide range of activities related to your locks and keys. They can repair your broken locks, make duplicate keys for you, open locks for which you have no keys etc. Modern day locks can come with technical security systems that a trained locksmith would be aware of. While calling a locksmith, it’s important to know beforehand the different types of locksmith service providers, so that you can call the one suitable for your needs.

Types of Locks

Before you call a locksmith service provider, you need to know the different types of locks available out there. Ideally, locksmiths are qualified to work with around 60 different types of locks. The type of lock that you install depends on the level of security that you desire, and a locksmith who can help you out with all these lock types is the most proficient one. When categorized into four broad types, they are:

  • Church locks: Church locks are mostly installed on drawers, gates, cupboards and cabinets.
  • Cylinder locks: Cylinder locks are often found on external doors of a house or office.
  • Digital locks: Digital locks are the ones that open with swipe cards or pin codes and are often used in hotels and other places where different people arrive on a regular basis.
  • Lever locks: They are often installed on internal doors of a property.

Types of Locksmiths

Here are different types of locksmiths that you may need to call:

  • Residential or Commercial Locksmith: Locksmiths specializing in this kind of locksmith service are experts at handling different types of home and office security systems. Whether you lost your keys or broke them, or if your lock has jammed or you are having a problem in your advanced security system, you should call a residential or commercial locksmith. They will repair your lock, make a duplicate key for your lost or broken key, or even replace the lock if needed. If it’s a commercial building like an office, school, hospital or hotel and if someone has lost his or her authorized key card, the locksmith will assist you in this case as well. If your office has a biometric system, a locksmith will resolve an issue with that too.
  • Automotive Locksmith: Also known as car locksmiths, these professionals offer support to those who lost their car keys or locked them inside their vehicle. Locking your keys inside the car is a common occurrence and is one of the most frustrating things you could do. Since most cars these days have automatic locks, they are harder to handle than normal locks and keys. While opening a car lock, the locksmiths also need to be careful about the car windows, door locks and alarms. A wide range of tools are required to perform locksmith service on an automobile. So, their range of service is wider than a residential or commercial locksmith.
  • Forensic locksmith: These locksmiths are often called at crime scenes. If someone is locked inside, if he or she not opening the door, or if the police need to barge into a locked house, then these locksmiths arrive to open the door. If there has been a burglary in the house, these locksmith service providers can figure out how the thieves broke into the property. If it’s a technically advanced lock, these locksmiths will find out how the criminals breached the system.

Now that you know the different types of locks and locksmiths, choose the locksmith service that best suits your requirements.

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