Getting Ready for Winter? How to Safely Update and Winterize Your House

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The weather is getting cooler, and that means it’s time to winterize your house. Getting your home ready for winter involves a lot of smaller tasks, but all of them can be sorted into three main categories. As you work your way through each category, see what you can group together so you can save time and money.

Prevent Thermal Transfer

The largest category of tasks aims to prevent thermal transfer, or the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the house. Drafts and thermal transfer through materials are both a problem. The solution usually involves sealing.

Check all window seals and weather-stripping and replace parts that are worn. Install storm doors and windows, and place draft stoppers by the external doors. Insulate plumbing pipes and HVAC lines; if you have any appliances that are exposed to the outside, like a wall-unit air conditioner, drain the lines of any pooled water. Add insulating window film to windows that aren’t going to be fitted with storm windows. You may also want to have your home’s wall and roof insulation inspected.

Adjust Appliances for Winter

Any appliances that have changeable settings need adjustment. Ceiling fans need to be switched to their “warm air” setting; for most fans, this means flipping a switch to make the fan turn clockwise. This rotation lifts cold air up toward the ceiling, which displaces warm air up there and sends it down toward you. Furnace filters need changing, and your HVAC’s thermostat should be set to heat with a temperature of no more than 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perform Defensive Maneuvers

Inspections help you defend against potential winter problems. Inspect your home for small cracks and openings that could allow pests like mice to get inside in cold weather. Clean leaves out of the roof gutters and have the roof inspected.

A safety note: Any task requiring you to be up high, such as cleaning out a roof gutter, requires more than just a ladder. Look at renting scaffold planks from a company like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co., for example, or small elevated scaffolding stages that provide a wide, flat surface to stand on. Also look at renting fall protection equipment to help protect you.

When done methodically, these tasks tend to fall into place easily. You’ll be able to take care of most of them yourself, within a reasonable amount of time. You just need to start now.

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