5 Reasons Every Construction Contractor Should Invest in Certified Training

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Sometimes construction workers form their own companies after years of working in the industry. However, many aren’t aware of everything that goes on behind the scenes. They know their trade inside and out and are more than capable of tackling even the most difficult of jobs other contractors wouldn’t touch. However, that experience isn’t always enough.

If you are thinking about starting your own construction contracting company, take a few moments to look back at all the training you’ve had, on the job and through professional training courses you’ve attended. When starting a new company, it pays to be aware of these five reasons why every construction contractor should invest in certified training.

1. Meets Legal Requirements

Did you know that certain construction contractors are required, by law, to have a minimum of one certified renovator on staff if they take on jobs in houses built prior to 1978? This is the updated policy of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and one that could land you in a world of trouble if you aren’t compliant.

Not only will you need one certified renovator, but the entire company needs to be Lead-Safe Certified under the same stipulations (houses built prior to 1978). Approved courses such as those offered by ZOTA Professional Training meet these legal requirements.

2. Keeps You Up-to-Date with Advances in Technology

Technology is advancing by the day and sometimes innovations can offer improvements in processes and operational costs. It pays to keep current on technology and if you see this as an investment in your company’s future, you will want to offer ongoing training to key members of your team.

3. Addresses Critical Safety Issues

Referring back to the Lead-Safe Certification mentioned above, the reason for investing in training goes beyond legalities. Lead poisoning is a serious health hazard and one that can easily be avoided with proper training. From asbestos to radon and lead, there are so many environmental hazards which need to be understood for the safety of everyone involved.

4. Gives Your Company a Competitive Edge

Today’s consumer is savvier than ever before. Perhaps it’s because of the availability of information on the Internet, but for whatever reason, consumers are more likely to thoroughly vet any contractors they are considering working with. The more certifications you can list on your portfolio, the easier it will be to attract those ‘big money’ jobs. Understand, right from the very beginning, that big jobs will get you vetted long before anyone contacts you for a bid.

5. Improves Job Satisfaction

Your company is your lifeblood and the lifeblood of every single person who works for you. It is important to understand that every bit of training you provide for your employees goes toward greater success on both professional and personal levels. This, in turn, greatly improves job satisfaction and often the key to success is employee retention.

Whether you choose to offer certified training to every employee or only to key people as required by law, always view it as an investment in the future of the company you’ve worked so hard to create.

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