Land Survey: How to Determine the Safety of Your Build Site

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One of the first steps with any construction project is determining if the site selected will fit with the requirements of the job. Safety has to play a key factor when deciding if a certain site is the right one. Here are some of the techniques that are used in order to determine the safety of your build site.

Consider the Underlayment

The composition of the soil structure will make a difference in the stability of any building that you want to construct. Bedrock or the lack thereof can make the difference when it comes to selecting the right site. You don’t want to build something on a foundation that isn’t solid. Determining if there will be movement of the ground and any other issues that may arise will need to be investigated.

Look into Contamination Concerns

One of the best tools of determining the appropriateness of a site is through the use of surveying tools and a certified service to complete these tasks. Another thing that you’ll want to consider is if your site has any land contamination issues. This could come in the form of chemicals or other runoff materials that would potentially impact the groundwater or the soil itself. Testing can be performed to evaluate the suitability of your build site.

Factor in Design Elements

The size, shape, and materials selected will also play a factor in the overall safety of your site. A larger and heavier building may require a deeper support structure. The geography of the site will also have to be taken into account. Certain areas will have more requirements for your build that could impact the suitability of the site. For example, an area that’s prone to flood may need to be elevated in order to prevent future damages.

Obtain a Records Search

Record searches can often be performed on parcels of land. This could help to give you a clearer picture of any issues that may impact your build. Previous uses of the land could have introduced other factors into the equation that you hadn’t taken into consideration. For land that wasn’t previously used, this strategy may not prove to be beneficial. You’ll have to decide if taking this step is in your best interests when it comes to determining the safety of your build site.

There are lots of techniques that you can employ in order to ensure the safety of your build site. Consider these ways so that you can get your build started off on the right foot.

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