3 Reasons Home Building Can Require Several Different Contractors

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After you finalize your decision to build a new home, you may be eager to begin the planning process and to start seeing the house go up. Some people will hire a single general contractor to facilitate all aspects of the building process, and others will try to serve as their own general contractor. Regardless of the approach that you take, many different contractors must come together to complete the full scope of the work. When you are your own general contractor, you may have to coordinate with numerous subcontractors to complete the full construction project.

Different Stages of the Home Building Process

Keep in mind that a general contractor may specialize in coordinating or managing a home construction project, but this is not a professional who actually builds the home through manual labor. Some contractors specialize in laying a concrete slab foundation or framing the house. Others install drywall, flooring and other features. There are dozens of stages in a typical home construction project, and each contractor has a specialization in one specific aspect of the work.

The Use of Many Materials

The skills and experience of different contractors vary dramatically, and many contractors are only licensed to complete very specific tasks. More than that, most only have experience working with a specific type of material. Drywall contractors, for example, are skilled at drywall work. They may also only be insured for this type of work. On the other hand, a contractor that works with sheet metal may only have experience with this material and may only have sheet metal contractor insurance. You can see on websites like zumainsurance.com that a wide range of specific insurance plans exist for different jobs and mediums.

The Need for Inspections

While some contractors provide skilled labor and work with specific materials, others provide important services. For example, several different types of inspectors may be called to the worksite to inspect and approve the work that has been completed to-date. This may include structural engineers, code inspectors and others. Some of these professionals may work for government agencies, but others may be independent contractors that are hired to ensure quality at various stages of the project. In addition to inspecting the work being done, they may also look into the credentials of the builders for violations. For example, a contractor with CA sheet metal contractors insurance may not qualify for their coverage if working outside the state of California.

A house is a complex structure that features wiring, pipes, appliances, structural framing, roofing materials and much more. Most features and structures must be installed or prepared by highly-skilled and experienced specialists who may have proper licensing and insurance to complete the work. As you prepare to build your new home, you may find that it is easy to hire a general contractor coordinate the efforts of all of these professional contractors.

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