DIY Updates: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home out of the Stone Age

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If you feel like your home is in the stone age, then there are many projects you can complete to bring it up to modern-day standards. In fact, there are projects that will make your friends and neighbors stop thinking of your home as boring and want to copy these design trends in their own homes.

Create a High-Contrast Color Palette

Repainting one or more rooms in your home with a high-contrast color palette is a great way to update its look. Lavender is the hot color right now, so consider pairing a grayer lavender with magenta or a brighter purple with lime green. Additionally, almost any bold color can be paired with stark white to create a bold contrast. If you are not ready to go all the way yet, consider installing a bold area rug.

Create a Home Theater

If you are still watching television and listening to music in your living room, then it’s time to create a home theater. Upgrade the look of the room with a popcorn machine, movie posters and other accessories. Find an innovative solution to hide any ugly cables. For example, if you get a home sound system installation in NJ, it should be a personalized solution so that it meets your needs the best. Talk to an audio and visual company like so that you know what is available.

Embrace Golden Brass

Embrace the look of brass in many areas of your home. Think about replacing stainless steel faucets and handles with brass ones instead. Consider brass sculptures or displaying brass canisters in your kitchen. Brass lighting fixtures is another possibility that may hold possibilities. If you are not ready to go all the way yet, then think about changing out the hardware on a chest of drawers for brass ones or framing a new picture with a brass picture frame.

Artisan Light Fixtures

Update your home while taking care of small craftsmen by installing artisan light fixtures in your home. The industrial look is back in a big way, so consider industrial hanging lights. Sputnik lights are a fun take that looks perfect when paired with a dark ceiling and artificial stars. Flower chandeliers are another option you may want to consider, and they can be a fun way to introduce colors to a room without having to make a firm commitment.

Minimal Decor

While the pieces that you keep should be quality, many people are choosing to go with minimal decor. The great news is that if you already have many different pieces, then earn some extra cash by selling the ones you have wanted to get rid of for years. Alternatively, consider donating them to your favorite thrift store or to someone in need.

There are many ways to update your home’s look, so you no longer feel like you are living in the stone age. Some of the updates will even make you money allowing you to complete other updates sooner. Most are simple enough that you can do them at home as a weekend project.

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