4 Crucial Structures Used When Building a Home

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Have you ever thought about the primary building blocks that hold your home together? Do you wish you could build a house one day? Below are four of the most significant home structures listed to help you get an idea of what it takes to create a custom property.


Every house must have a solid base, or it will not stand for long. Most homes have basements or concrete slabs. A basement foundation consists of pilings or piers that hold back dirt and support the house. A slab is one piece of concrete that goes into place after digging out a spot big enough for the foundation. Both methods have pros and cons.

Floor Joists

Floor joists or spans are beams that run along the floor and support a specific weight. Depending on the size of your room, how many levels your home has, and other parameters, a structural engineer can figure out how many floor joists are necessary for a building. They will design blueprints that dictate how far apart to place the joists and how thick each one must be to meet building code and be safe.

Roof Trusses

Several trusses are available for home-building including scissor trusses that let you build a vaulted ceiling, and raised heel trusses that allow you to insulate your attic when building an energy-efficient home. When you need affordable structures, conventional roof trusses are widely available and budget-friendly. Parallel trusses are a mix between the raised heel and scissor trusses letting you add a cathedral ceiling and insulate with a little additional effort.

Structural Beams

Structural composite lumber is one of the best materials for load-bearing beams in a house. These beams are made with various methods, and they resist moisture and come in a variety of thicknesses and compositions. This engineered product is very resistant to warping. There are steel beams and other load-bearing structures you can use, but this option is a favorite among builders. These beams span a floor or room and keep your upper levels from caving onto the first floor.

Building a house requires using heavy materials and equipment. Roofs must have layers of plywood and roof trusses to form the basic shape. Walls, floors, and ceilings are held up with load-bearing beams and floor joists that span the length of each level. With a foundation and the other three structures, you have the basic building blocks for a home. The next steps are adding utility inlets and outlets, and framing out each room before the drywall and windows can go in.

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