Things to Consider Before Installing an HVAC System

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Weather is, as they say, seasonal. In a country that goes through four seasons on a yearly basis, it’s almost a no-brainer that your house should come equipped with an HVAC system. It’s our way of counteracting the extreme temperatures that we experience, from the freezing cold of Winter, to the scorching heat of Summer, an HVAC system is an essential for your home to truly be a place of comfort and security.

It’s important to note that you should only attempt this type of installation if you have ample experience and knowledge with electrical installation projects, as well as a license to install HVAC systems. This is because improper installation may result in electric shock and a house fire. If you’re not qualified to perform such an installation, hire someone who is here:

Now, when you’re selecting an HVAC system you need to consider these factors:

1. Climate

For you to be able to determine what type of HVAC system you need, you have to determine what type of climate you have. Some areas experience colder winters and warmers Summers than others, and sometimes, some areas experience extreme weathers (freezing Winters and scorching Summers). This way you can determine where to allot more money to – quality heating systems, air conditioning, or both. And there are places that you may not even need them at all. The point is, you need to match your systems to the climate that your location has.

2. House Size

This is something that’s considered to be common sense, but it’s worth mentioning. The size of your house will determine the strength or number of HVAC systems you need to keep your house temperatures comfortable. Sometimes, a single high-quality central HVAC system is better than multiple average-quality systems because of the power saving.

3. Features

Features are often overlooked as “gimmicks” but that shouldn’t always be the case. Some features that you should look out for are smartphone connectivity (for remote control), an array of sensors that can power on or shut down your HVAC system when you walk in or leave, and even a sensor that can detect external temperatures and automatically adjust its settings to match a certain temperature that you prefer.

4. Warranty

For peace of mind. HVAC systems are expensive and you want to be assured that you’re getting your money’s worth when you invest in them. Another thing to consider with warranties is that there’s the question of safety. If you buy a system that’s not covered by a warranty, well, that’s both a financial risk as well as a safety risk. The longer the warranty, the better. But that also goes hand in hand with the next factor.

5. Price

As previously surmised, HVAC systems are expensive. You need to weigh between buying the system/s out in one big cash-out or opting for an installment plan. Sometimes, buying a system outright can save you money in the long run. Sometimes, opting for an installment plan is a more sustainable method so you don’t burn your bank so suddenly.

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