Preliminary Landscaping Ideas for a New Build

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Building a home is exciting, but once your property is ready, it’s time to think about landscaping it. Most builders put a lot of effort into the house but neglect the outside area. If you are lucky, you might have some turf laid, but you are more likely to be greeted by a patch of mud and rubble left over from the build. Not to worry, though, as there is a lot you can do with the outdoor area without spending a fortune on an expensive landscape gardener.

Before you begin, draw a plan of your garden on a sheet of paper and start thinking about how you want your outdoor area to look. Think about the direction of the sun, whether the yard is exposed to strong winds, the soil type, how close your neighbors are, and whether you want to add outside power or an outside cabin at any point. All of this requires extra consideration and a sheet of paper is a useful way to play around with various ideas.

Install Fencing

Once you have a plan, it is time to mark your perimeter. Your builder might have already erected a fence, but if not, you will need one so that pets and kids stay in and intruders stay out. Ornamental fencing is attractive, especially if you go for wrought iron, but wood fencing will look nice and is easy to work with. A plain picket fence is a good budget option for a home in suburbia but look at more secure fencing if you live in a rural location or crime is a problem in your neck of the woods.

Plan the Main Features of Your Garden

Hopefully, by now you know exactly where you want paths, a terrace, a BBQ area, and any other hard landscaping features. It is essential that you install these before you begin planting. Prepare the ground and lay hardcore for pathways and patios. Decide on what materials to use for your hard landscaping. Stone or aggregate are popular, but there are other options, so visit your local merchant to see what is available.

Don’t forget to design your outdoor living area with privacy in mind. The last thing you want is to build a patio, only to discover that your neighbor’s bedroom overlooks the area.

Install power to any key areas before you lay stone flags or concrete. It’s a lot neater if cables are laid underground rather than above ground. Always hire a qualified electrician to carry out electrical work. This will prevent any accidents.

Design a Planting Scheme

Now it’s time to plant your garden. Design a planting scheme that includes trees, shrubs, and hedges. Select plants and trees that will thrive in your garden. Plant them in groups for maximum effect and think about colors when you choose flowering shrubs and trees.

With a bit of time and effort, you can transform a bald patch of dirt and transform it into an attractively landscaped area. If you do the work yourself, it won’t cost a fortune.

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