5 Ways to Save on a Move After Building a Home

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After months (or years) of saving, planning, and building it’s finally almost time to move into your new home. As much as you can’t wait for the big day, your bank account is probably exhausted.

After spending tens of thousands of dollars to build your dream home and thinking that you’re finally going to get some financial relief, the cost of making that move can feel like a punch to the gut. Making the move is necessary. Overpaying for services and supplies isn’t. 
Here are a few ways you can save big during the moving process.

Pick Your Movers Carefully

Many people decide to completely DIY their move, but sometimes you’ll want the help of professionals. If that’s the case it pays to do your homework and carefully consider your options.

The number one thing to keep in mind is whether or not you need the help of a specialty mover. For instance, North American Van Lines offers both moving and storage. This is very convenient and cost-effective if your new home isn’t quite ready for a full move. The idea is to use a company that can meet your needs so you don’t end up paying for sub-par service.

Another crucial factor is licensing and insurance. If anything were to go wrong or something were to get broken, who you choose to do the moving could end up saving you a lot of money. Make sure that the company you choose is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. If you have to make an out-of-state move (interstate) the company needs to be registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Start Planning Well in Advance

The earlier you start planning the more you will save on a move. You’ll have more time to search for low-cost moving supplies, like free boxes. You also have more time to keep your eyes peeled for sales and discounts on moving supplies.

Planning in advance also means you’re more likely to reserve the time/day you need with your preferred mover. Trying to get a mover last minute will not only limit your options, it could end up costing more compared to making reservations weeks or months out.

Last but not least, planning a move well in advance is less stressful. When we’re stressed out we’re more likely to make costly mistakes. Plus, building a home is stressful enough as it is without adding a rushed move to the mix.

So how soon should you start planning a move? The general rule of thumb is the sooner the better, but eight weeks out is a good benchmark.

Create a Moving Plan

If you’ve built a home, you’re no stranger to planning. You probably covered all of the planning essentials for building a home, but now it’s time to put that experience to work – again.

Many movers skip this vital step, and it can end up costing them money. A moving plan keeps you organized so nothing is missed along the way. This helps to ensure you can stick to a timeline and a budget. Start by determining when you need to move. That’s your goal end date when everything has to be done.

From there you can lay out a timeline for everything else. If you need help getting your plan off the ground, use this moving checklist. It is a great resource.

Purge Before You Pack

The more stuff you have to move the more it will cost – period. More stuff means more boxes and packing supplies. More stuff means you need a larger truck or more runs to move it all. More stuff means you’ll need a bigger unit if things need to be stored.

Have a Packing Party

One of the most-dreaded moving tasks is packing. People pay top-dollar to have professionals do it for them because they either don’t have the time or simply don’t want to do it themselves. But why hire packers when your friends can help with the heavy lifting?

Instead of asking friends and family to help you move, host a packing party. Invite everyone over for one last shindig where guests can take whatever they want from your purge pile and help get things boxed up.

Think of it as a reverse housewarming party. It’s a chance to say goodbye to your old home and spend some time with friends while getting things packed up.

There you have it! Five tips that will help you minimize the cost of moving so you have more money to spend on decorating your new home.

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