Effective Methods of Installing Decorative Architectural Cornices and Mouldings

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The word Cornice comes from the Italian word meaning ledge which refers to a horizontal decorative melding that crowns a building or a home surface. The main functions performed by a cornice are to throw away the rainwater from the building’s walls. Installing a decorative architectural cornice and mouldings is generally a difficult task to undertake and involves projecting of gable ends, gutters and roof eaves. Cornices are an excellent tool to hide small defects and they come in many different forms, from sleek and thin modern ones to highly embellished ornamental ones for decorative purposes.

Different Types of Decorative Architectural Cornices & Mouldings:

A moulding or a coving is strip of some material used for decorative purposes and also to cover transitions between surfaces. Decorative mouldings are made up of stones, cement, and wood, extruded PVC or expanded polystyrene. One of the advantages of mouldings over plasters is that walls or furniture don’t have to be covered or draped. Installing decorative architectural cornices & mouldings can increase the overall appearance of the building and they can straighten the junction between walls and ceiling. Depending on the purpose of Installing decorative architectural cornices & mouldings, the common types of mouldings for contrasting the light and dark areas includes:

  1. Astragal,
  2. Baguette,
  3. Bandelet,
  4. Baseboard,
  5. Baton, batten,
  6. Bead moulding,
  7. Beading or Bead,
  8. Beak,
  9. Bed Moulding,
  10. Bolection,
  11. Cable moulding,
  12. Cashing,
  13. Crown moulding
  14. Pilasters,
  15. Ceiling roses,
  16. Corbels and arches,

How would you Install the Architectural Cornices & Mouldings?

These mouldings or cornices are designed installed by professionally specialized team of workers who are best at combining fine sculpting techniques and exceptionally beautiful finishing work.

  1. Proper measurement of the walls,
  2. Clearance of the things attached or put up on the wall to avoid damage,
  3. Measure the length of the cornice required for every wall.
  4. Invisible scribe solid joints to be used which the shape of the molding is reproduced at the end,
  5.  Cutting off the molding at a 45 degree angle,
  6. Lastly, the molding needs to be cut flush with the walls depending on the respective sizes.

Small and understated cornices and moulding go beautifully in almost every interior, and you can easily install them according to your budget and preferences. They offer a neat and a comely transformation from collared wall to white ceiling and vice versa.

Why would you Need an Expert for Installing Architectural Cornices & Mouldings?

There are many different companies who specialize in designing, manufacturing, restoring and installing these mouldings and cornices at different price rates and services. These companies employ highly experienced decorative architectural cornices and mouldings experts who know exactly what we desire to put up in on our homes or buildings. They are licensed and experienced professionals in this field and they can easily decorate your house by architectural cornices & mouldings. But before hiring them, you should check their license, insurance, experience level and customer reviews. You can also get some recommendations from your friends and relatives to find out the best architectural cornices company.

In an attempt to make our homes beautiful and elegant or planning to add on an organic decorative feature to our walls and ceilings, going for Installing decorative architectural cornices & mouldings are the best idea. Thus these mouldings give an outstanding and authentic look to our homes. So now you can search these professionals for architectural cornices & mouldings in your building. You can also install the same in your commercial property and it is suggested to discuss your requirements with the architectural cornices company.

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