Ready for a Change? 5 Pointers for Building Your Dream House

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If you aren’t happy with your starter home, then you can build a customized home, but first, you must consider several factors. Here are some pointers for designing and building the home of your dreams.

Collect Floor Plans and Design Ideas

It can take a lot of research to create the home of your dreams, so you can visit homes that are for sale in your area along with collecting design ideas. You can buy architectural magazines at bookstores to look through the items to find ideas for building a home that meets your needs. Cut out the pictures of homes and rooms that interest you to keep in a folder to help you create a unique home.

Look for the Appropriate Piece of Land

When you want to build a customized home, you will need to buy a piece of land. It is important to remember that some cities or counties have certain requirements for constructing a building, so you might need to make adjustments in your plans for a customized home. Some of the limitations that a local government agency might have include building a home that is on only one level or constructing a home that is a certain size.

Visit a Bank Manager

Unless you have enough money saved for building a customized home, you will need to borrow money from a bank or credit union. While you can sell your starter home eventually, you will need additional financing for a unique home. Check your credit reports to get the lowest interest rate on a home loan, and also, make sure to have all of your financial details to give to the bank manager.

Hire a Contractor

You should hire a contractor like Fein Construction or someone similar who will manage all of the technicians who are working on your customized home. Choosing a contractor with experience in building unique structures is imperative, but you must choose an individual who you can communicate with easily. Verify that the contractor has excellent references, and make sure that he is licensed in your county or city.

Apply for Your Building Permits

Your geographic region will require a building permit before you construct a customized home, so you should prepare detailed architectural plans. You will need to take the blueprints and other plans to a local government agency where an official will decide if you can have a building permit. You must have the building permit in an easy to see location on your building site before beginning any construction.

Use a Calendar to Keep Track of Your Plans

Use a calendar to keep track of your plans for building a customized home. When you have planned carefully, you can build a new home in one year or less.

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