How to Install a Great Garden Firepit and Serving Area

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A fire pit is always a welcome addition to an outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of classic bonfires, laid-back meals with the ones you love or gorgeous hardscapes in general. Garden fire pit installation can jazz up your landscape. A nice serving area can be terrific for the hosting of gatherings as well. Remember, too, that a fire pit can even boost your property value.

Find the Perfect Firepit Spot

If you’re looking to successfully install a fire pit in your garden, then you need to first locate the perfect spot. Find a spot that’s nowhere near anything that may be combustible. Examples of combustibles are tree branches that are close to the ground, sheds and bushes. Make sure that you have plenty of space for a comfortable and pleasant serving area for your guests, too.

Establish the Layout of Your Firepit

Begin in the middle of your designated fire pit spot. Paint a circle that has a diameter of five feet. A string can function as your handy compass. The pit itself needs a painted circle, too. This circle needs to have a diameter of three feet. The serving section for guests, last but not least, requires a circle that has a diameter of 12 feet.

Get Tiles for Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen and a fire pit essentially go hand in hand. If you’re fond of organizing outdoor gatherings of all varieties, nothing can be more helpful than a lovely outdoor kitchen. It’s smart to concentrate on the appearance of your outdoor kitchen as well. An attractive outdoor kitchen can vastly improve the atmosphere of your party, after all. Outdoor kitchen tiles look eye-catching. They’re durable and simple to maintain, too.

Make Sure You Round up All the Right Materials

You need many different materials to install a terrific garden fire pit. Make sure you gather them all in advance. Essential materials often include but are not restricted to fire brick, high heat paint, gravel, mortar mix and landscape mesh. Be sure to collect all the right amounts of these vital materials, too. You need to have three full rolls of the aforementioned landscape mesh.

Installing a garden fire pit is something that requires ample consideration, planning and care. Don’t do so impulsively or when you lack sufficient time. If you install a fire pit correctly, it can give your outdoor space a nice upgrade everyone can appreciate.

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