4 Tips to Creating a Functional Car Garage

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While many people have garages on their property, it’s estimated that as few as 25% of them are actually used to store cars. If you’re of the majority of people who use their garages for storage, it’s likely that you’ve wished that you could put your car in there instead. Fortunately, with the right updates, you can have a garage that is functional for storage of both everyday items and what it was actually intended for your car.

Clean It out

Of course, the first step to having a functional garage is to have a clean garage. Remove everything down to the bare walls even items you know you’ll be returning to the garage. Then, pull your car or cars in and park them where you’d like them to be. Next, walk off an area around the exterior of your car. This way you can be sure to have room to move around your garage when your car is in there.

After that, use tape to mark an outline around the car plus walking space and then use paint to make that outline permanent. Then, start putting your stuff back in your garage organized without impeding on the space that’s reserved for your vehicles. Then, just stick to the space outside of the painted perimeter, and you’ll always have space to park your car.

Open It up

If you’ve got a clean garage but you find yourself still not using it very often, it’s important to consider why that is. One problem might be a door that’s difficult to open. Especially if you have a manually-operated door, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be willing to regularly get out of your car, open the garage door, get back in your car, pull it in, and then get back out to shut the door before you go inside.

Look to upgrade your garage door to an automatic opener so that getting inside is a breeze, by reaching out to a trained professional like Edelen Door. This will ensure you use your garage much more often, protecting your vehicle’s finish and helping you stay warmer or cooler during extreme weather. Reach out, with any upgrades to your garage door.

Be Floored

One important feature of a functional garage is ease-of-maintenance. If you spend a lot of time cleaning your garage it’s unlikely you’ll use it as much as you could. One way to assist in this is by installing new floors to make clean-up easier. One option here is to use epoxy floor paint or something similar.

These finishes provide a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that won’t absorb liquids when something spills. This is especially important if you have a vehicle that is leaking fluids of some kind, so you can ensure no children or pets harm themselves by touching or licking the puddle.

Keep Those Tools Where You Can See ‘Em

Another common use for garages is tool storage. If you have a lot of tools, trying to find the right one can quickly become a challenge. That’s why it’s important to utilize wall space in your garage to display your tools. Use pegboard and hooks to create customized holders for each tool so it’s always easy to find and always easy to put back where it belongs when you’re done.

Stick with It

The easiest way to keep your garage functional is to keep it clean and organized. Don’t simply fill that space with stuff you need to get out of your way. Unfortunately, that puts that same stuff in the way of using your garage to park your car. Stay focused on putting things back where they belong and you’ll have a perfectly functional garage for years to come.

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