Clever Remodel: Key Appliances to Replace Right Now

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You’re moving forward with a household remodeling plan. Several rooms are being targeted, from the kitchen to main hallway. The paint, flooring and furniture may be refreshed during the process, but don’t overlook the importance of updated appliances. Divide out some of the funds for appliance purchases because a clever remodel depends on these updates.

HVAC System

A remodeling plan typically involves several thousand dollars. Reserve some of that money for a new, central-air system. Your heating and cooling components might be 20 years or older. They don’t operate as efficiently as they used to do. In fact, the HVAC system might be costing you money.

Replace it with the latest designs. You might receive a tax rebate because of the energy savings. By changing out these components, the energy savings over time will pay for the added investment. It also becomes a strong, selling point among potential buyers. Everyone prefers newer appliances.


One of the busiest appliances in the household is the refrigerator. It’s constantly being accessed as the door slams closed every time. Think about a new refrigerator that fits the kitchen’s decor. Your current refrigerator may be white or beige. Opt for a stainless-steel model instead. Certain brands only require minimal care, such as from Sub Zero refrigerator maintenance personnel. The kitchen ends up looking more attractive than ever before.


Because your dishwasher is hidden within your cabinetry, it stands out as an older model after a kitchen project. Replace the dishwasher with a model that matches the surrounding decor. Think about purchasing a model that has water savings built into it. You’ll help the Earth while making the home look like a good deal during selling time. The kitchen is still the main, selling point when open houses invite visitors in for a peek.

Laundry System

When you remodel a home, the surrounding appliances look their age if they aren’t swapped out for new models. Part of your remodel may be in the garage or mudroom. Consider an updated laundry system. Donate your old one to a needy cause. New systems offer energy savings and a sleek appearance.

As an alternative, sell the remodeled home to a buyer who wants your older, laundry system. Purchase the new washer and dryer when you move to that other property. This scenario leaves everyone happy as you gain some funds from the older models.

Hot-Water Heater

Most households don’t consider the hot-water heater as an appliance, but it technically operates as one. If your tank is older than 10 years, it’s time to consider a replacement project. Over time, the hot water erodes the internal walls. The tank might crack in the near future.

Purchase a new tank before any damage develops. A flooded basement or garage is part of your future when hot-water heaters are overlooked in the household. The new tank has at least 10 years of life in it with energy savings as well.

Keep the warranty paperwork associated with the new appliances. If there’s an issue, the manufacturer can cover the cost. Your appliance investment has a maintenance cushion for about one year. With your appliances working well through their first year, they’ll continue to operate as you enjoy them or plan to sell the home afterward.

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