4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Floor Plan for Your New Home

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One of the best thing s about building your own home is having the ability to create custom floor plans. The hard part is choosing the right one for your lifestyle and requirements. You’re investing a lot of money in your dream home, so here are some things you should avoid before the design phase.

Consider Future Expenses

You may have always dreamed about high, vaulted ceilings, but how might that affect your heating and cooling costs? Energy-efficiency is a concern that will continue to grow in the future, as will the cost of maintenance and repairs. Try to think proactively.

Take a Realistic Look at Your Lifestyle

The idea of a tri-level home and an abundance of stairs may not work well with your knee problem, nor the extra maintenance involved with floor-to-ceiling windows with your work schedule. When choosing a home design, you should be practical and realistic about how actually living in this space will affect your life in negative ways as well as positive.

Measure Everything Against the Floor Plan

Seeing the dimensions of a room printed out on a blueprint doesnn’t really give you an idea of the actual space. Is the size of the living room adequate for your furniture, or will it seem lost? Will that family-size table take over your dining area or kitchen? Measure any furniture you’re taking with you to you new home; then, consider the size and layout of individual rooms in the plans, as well as the size and placement of any features like doorways, fireplaces and windows,

Location, Location, Location

This isn’t just a real estate axiom. You may be able to correct features you don’t love about a home, but the logistics of moving it to another neighborhood or area are likely ridiculous. Is that lovely wooded lot near the river in a flood-prone area? Does the neighborhood you choose have access to schools and other services? Where you live is almost more important than the kind of dwelling.

You design is the foundation upon which everything from your budget and financing to getting permits rests. Whether you hire an architect, have your builder take care of the project planning or find a floor plan you love from an outside design company, you should be able to get your home, your way. Using these tips can help bring your vision to life. 

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