Find a Way to Protect Your Home

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Remodeling your home should be as stress-free as possible. The last thing you want is to end up with a bigger mess than originally intended. Companies like TRIMACO create products to help you have complete job site protection. Whether you are more concerned about the home or your personal safety, these products have you covered.

Protect Your Home

Drop cloths are available in many sizes and are a great way to protect your floors and furniture for paint jobs and other messy projects. Trimaco at Lowe’s sells drop cloths with convenient tape, so you have everything you need to protect your floors in one simple package.

Additionally, adhesive masking film is another great option, used to cover windows, cabinets, trim, doors, baseboards, and other wood work. The film is UV resistant and will not damage surfaces. This is a great option for ensuring clear cut paint lines with little mess. Many of these films are made to last on your floor for up to two weeks without rolling up or bending, while still allowing for easy disposal at the end of a job.

Protect Your Clothes

If you do not want your DIY project to end up all of you, there are many great options for protecting one’s self. Shoe covers prevent stains on your work shoes and prevent you from tracking your project all over the house. Additionally, disposable coveralls are an excellent way to keep all your clothes clean while working on a home, without having to worry about doing a load of laundry at the end of a long day. Coveralls can also help prevent certain chemicals from coming into direct contact with your skin.

Fiber paint protective hoods are a lesser known option for those who work closely with spray paint. Wear a protective hood to help protect your face and neck from fumes and paint while working.


When you are remodeling a home, whether professionally or as a do-it-yourself project, job site protection is a must, both for yourself and for the home. Protective wear and surface protection products have been around a long time and are always expanding into newer and better products.

While this is a facet of home remodels many overlook, it is one of the most important. These products are affordable, and much easier to work with than the cost and time you would spend fixing a mistake from a paint spill on new floors, or on your brand-new shoes. Do your research, get your protective gear, and experience a less-stressful way of fixing up a home.

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