Ready to Renovate: A Short Guide to Your First Home Remodel

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The first renovation as a new homeowner can be a mix of excitement and stress. It’s great to upgrade your new home, as you’ll like living there more and you’ll increase its value, but the process itself is often fraught with difficulties. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make it easier on yourself. Follow this guide to have a smooth, successful remodel.

Set Your Budget

You’re asking for trouble if you haven’t set a budget before you get started on the remodel. If you don’t know what your spending limit is, it’s easy to go overboard and spend too much. Go over your finances first, because those will play a major role in many other remodeling decisions, including what you remodel and the materials you choose.

Which Upgrades Are Worth It?

Those with an unlimited budget can upgrade whatever they want, but most homeowners need to be more discerning than that. You may have all kinds of upgrades that you’d like to do, but it’s good to prioritize here. Make a list of potential upgrades and rank them according to your preference. Although what you want is important, you should also take into account how upgrades will affect the value of your home. If an upgrade isn’t going to improve your home’s value much, then it isn’t worth doing.

Choose the Materials

Once you know what you’re doing and what materials you need, you can go choose the materials that you’ll finish your house with, such as woods and tiles. You’ll have plenty of options as far as materials go, but to get the lowest prices be sure to see which home improvement stores in your area have sales coming up.

Get in Touch with Contractors

Unless you’re a DIY whiz with plenty of free time on your hands, you’ll need a contractor for your remodel. Look up contractors online, check their reviews and get in touch with any that you think could be right for your job. Contact at least three or four different contractors to compare price quotes and see who offers the best deal.

After you have your materials and your contractor, it’s all a matter of overseeing your remodel and waiting for it to be completed. If you follow the steps above for your remodel, you’ll get your home upgraded without overspending.

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