The Importance of Updating Your House Gutters This Winter

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If it has been a while since you updated the gutters on your home then it is time to take care of them. You might not realize this, but your gutters do more than keep water off your head. They actually protect your home from a wide variety of risks and damages. They help protect your home from water damage and from debris.

With that said, you want to make sure that your gutters are cleaned out during the fall and winter months so they can do their job. With that said, if you notice any issues with your gutters during those cleanout times, it may be time to consider repair and or replace depending on the wear and tear. If you’re not sure how updating your gutters will protect your home, here are four issues for you to consider.

Gutters Prevent Roof Damage

When it rains, the water flows right off your roof, and into your gutters. If your gutters are damaged, or outdated, the water won’t be able to flow through to the downspouts the way it should. Unfortunately, that means the water will have the chance to overflow and soak under the edges of your roof. When that happens, you’ll experience severe damage to your roofing material and to the plywood decking below. Eventually the water can even seep through to the inside of your home which can cause even more damage. This can also cause molding and structural damage as well if it is not properly handled.

Gutters Reduce Pest Activity

You could have pests living in your gutters, and not know it. Pests, like mice and rats, love to build their nests in non-functioning gutters. Once they have their nests in your gutters, they’ll start chewing on your roof, and gaining access to your home, where they’ll do even more damage. You can prevent that type of activity by having the professionals from companies like Gutter-Respo VIC install newly updated gutters on your house.

Gutters Protect against Foundation Damage

When it comes to protecting your home, begin at the foundation. A strong foundation is the key to a strong house. If your gutters aren’t working properly, you could have foundation damage, and not know it. Without properly functioning gutters, the rain water flows from the roof, and collects around the foundation, where it can cause considerable damage. You can avoid foundation damage by updating your gutters.

Gutters Provide Protection from Flooding

When you’re a homeowner, flood damage needs to be another concern of yours. As water collects around the perimeter of your home, it can find its way in through the doors, and even through the space between the walls and the foundation. Once water is inside your home, you’re going to have an expensive cleanup to deal with. That’s why it’s important that you update the gutters on your home. The gutters will ensure that water flows away from your home where it can’t do any damage.

Don’t take chances with the safety of your home. Make an appointment to have your gutters inspected and replaced as soon as possible.

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