The One Shingle Thing That Can Make or Break Your Home

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Having a solid roof is crucial for a healthy home. Performing roof maintenance can make it last longer. Here are some guides for keeping tabs on your roof.

Inspect for Missing Shingles

You should perform an inspection of your roof every time that you are cleaning out the gutters. This way you will be aware of any issues that are occurring. Check to make sure that there aren’t any shingles missing. You may want to walk around the house after every big storm. A loose shingle may have blown away and could leave your roof vulnerable. The underlayment will provide some protection. This protection will only last for a short period of time. Water can get into your house with missing shingles. This can be disastrous for your home.

Check for Algae Buildup

Many climates allow for moss and fungus to buildup on the roof. If this algae is allowed to grow unchecked it can lead to a water dam on your roof. This means that the water sits in one place on your roof. Since it doesn’t have anywhere to drain, it can start to seep under the shingles. This will lead to a roof leak. If you notice algae buildup, use a zinc based algae killer. This comes in powder form that can be sprinkled on your roof. It is only a short term solution. You can also install zinc strips near the top of your roof to prevent algae growth.

Examine the Flashing

The flashing is the metal segments that are between your siding and the shingles. As this metal ages, it can rust. There may also be caulking sealing portions of your siding and the nail heads. This caulking can crack with exposure to the elements. These all provide points of entry for water into your home. If you notice caulking that is cracked, you can remove it and reapply. Flashing that is rusted can be scrubbed clean. You can then use caulking to reseal these areas. These are temporary fixes that will only last for a short while.

Look Into Replacement Options

Shingles wear down with the passage of time. It may be time for you to consider getting a new roof. There are different types of options available depending on the climate in which you live. Shingles are the most versatile. They are adaptable to any weather conditions. There are even varieties available that are rated for higher wind speeds. A part of getting new shingles includes a new underlayment. Flat roofs require an extra layer of water proofing. Find a reliable roofing company, like Shipp Roofing, to install this type of roof.

Roofs should keep the weather out of your home. Use these guides for maintaining your roof.

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