Creepy Crawlers: How to Keep Pests Away When Building Your New Home

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There is a chance that pests will be attracted to your property when you are in the process of building your new home. When they invade your space, pests will not only be a nuisance but can also cause extensive damage to your home and property. Besides structural damage, these creepy crawlers can cause allergies, diseases and other life-threatening reactions. In order to keep pests away, you should consider pest proofing the property. This will go far in letting you enjoy the comfort and peace of mind that come with home ownership.

Keep Foundations Clear

One of the reasons why your foundation is likely to be an entry point for bugs is because it is closest to the ground. If you are to reduce the chances of an infestation, it would be important to protect and keep your foundation clear. Keeping the foundation free from moisture will make it difficult for ants, termites, spiders and fleas to reproduce. You can also use natural and non-toxic substances such as boric acid to keep away pests.

Seal up Their Entry Points

The construction period makes for a great opportunity to seal up all the entry points for pests. This means that you will greatly minimize the likelihood of such pests making their way into your space once you move into the new home. During utility installation, you should make sure that all pipe penetrations have been sealed. Some of the other entry points that should be sealed to make your home bug free include cracks, doors and windows.

Secure Containers Both Indoors and Outdoors

Construction sites are often associated with huge volumes of waste and debris. When building your new home, you should secure all containers around the construction site. Sealing the containers and keeping them a safe distance away from the structure will help in keeping pests away. You should also think of proper ways of managing waste once the project is complete.

Add Screens

There is no doubt that you will think of ways to allow for free flow of air into your home. While most people rely on natural ventilation; fleas, mosquitoes and other pests may make their way into your home in the summer though your doors and windows. Adding screens in your windows and doors will keep away pests while allowing you to enjoy fresh air in your home.

Be Wary of Disturbing Your Soil

Building your home will definitely involve some digging. However, if there are colonies in that area, disturbing the soil will make them look for a new home. This means that the pests could invade your vents or crawlspace. As your new home nears completion, you should be wary of disturbing your soil.

Maintain Your Yard

According to Preventive Pest Control, a company that specializes in pest control in Placentia, Ca, keeping your yard clean and green will help to keep away pests. This is why you should drain stagnant water, remove piles of leaves and debris as well as trim tree limbs and branches. Mowing your grass to keep it short near the home will also help you to get rid of pests.

Have the Home Preemptively Sprayed

If the construction works are likely to carry on for a considerable period of time, the project will increase the likelihood of an infestation. This is why you should contact a reliable company for services related to pest control. The experts will preemptively spray your home, helping you to eliminate and keep away pests.

It would be important to work with your building contractor to ensure that you eliminate moisture by fixing leaks. As much as the contractor will check the progress of the project from time to time, inspecting the property regularly will allow you to close up all possible entry points.

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