Family Safety: 3 Steps to Improving an Aging Home

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Older homes often have an incredible charm that many newer homes lack. You may have lived in your aging home for years, or you may have recently bought an older home. As wonderfully appealing as your older home may be, there are some safety issues that you need to be aware of.

Some of these issues could potentially affect the health and safety of everyone in the home, and they could potentially result in liability issues as well. By walking through these important steps, you can keep yourself and your loved ones as safe as possible.

Get a Foundation Inspection

Over time, foundations can settle unevenly. This could be caused by excessively dry or wet soil conditions, erosion, earthquakes and more. A damaged foundation can cause superficial issues, such as cracks in walls that are expensive to repair.

More than that, they can result in serious structural issues that put everyone in the home at risk. If your home’s foundation has not been inspected recently, it is wise to schedule an inspection with a residential foundation expert.

Address Pavement Issues

Just as the foundation can settle over time, other concrete features may also settle. This can make your patio, sidewalk and driveway crack. In many cases, older concrete features may be substantially uneven. Concerns about tripping are significant when this happens.
While tripping can affect you and your loved ones, it can also create liability issues if your visitors are injured on your property. Updating the pavement through a service like Sam The Paving Man is a smart way to address this problem and to prevent unnecessary injuries related to tripping and falling on a hard surface.

Upgrade Wiring

Wiring used in homes has changed over the years. Older homes may have wiring that is more susceptible to causing house fires. In addition, pests could have eaten through some wiring, and this could be another potential fire hazard to consider.
Understanding the type of wiring in the home right now as well as current building codes related to wiring can help you to determine if an electrical upgrade is beneficial for your home. An electrician can provide you with an inspection to help you learn more about the need for re-wiring.

Older homes may have been well-cared for by previous owners, and you may find that none of these repair issues are a concern on your property. However, if you are uncertain about any of these factors, it is important to reach out to an experienced professional for more information or to set up an inspection.

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