Here Comes the Hurricane: 5 Steps to Taking Care of Your Home after a Natural Disaster

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Hurricanes cause great havoc since they combine wind and water, nature’s most dangerous forces. Living near or on the coast is great, but you need to protect yourself against hurricane damage. You could do this by making sure you have a reliable home insurance coverage that knows exactly what to do to help you get back to your feet after a storm. Here are steps to taking care of your home after a hurricane;

Take Pictures and Videos

There is no better way to preserve the level of damage of the hurricane better than clear photos and videos. Many people will opt to start cleaning up, but by doing this, your insurance company won’t have a clear idea of the extent of your damage. This will make your insurance claims procedure much more comfortable. Also, doing this keeps a documented list of all of your damaged items which can be easily identified.

Conduct Emergency Repairs

You can carry out necessary repairs to prevent more damage after a hurricane. You can however not make permanent repairs until an insurance adjuster has reviewed the damaged. Take photographs to prove to your insurance company that you did what you could to avoid further damage to your home.

Obtain Your Home Inventory

When you have a natural disaster occur in your home, it is important to have an accurate inventory of your belongings and food. This will give you an accurate idea of what you still have versus what you have lost in the event. Chances are you have also lost power in the event and some of your food may have spoiled. An accurate inventory can help you figure out how to best replenish your food storage. It is essential that all home insurance policyholders should have a compiled home inventory of all their possessions before a hurricane to make sure you get your insurance claim resolved as quickly as possible. It should include detailed descriptions, pictures, and even their purchase receipts. This will ease your claims process.

File a Claim As Soon As Possible

Most of the time, insurance companies work on clients who reach out to them first; so it is important to file an insurance claim immediately after a disaster. Let them know the extent of the damages caused and give them an inventory of your damaged possessions. Companies like East Coast Public Adjusters are an excellent choice for adjusters as they help you get the maximum possible settlement deal to cover all damages your home and family have suffered through.

Find a Safe Lodging

Ensure that your home is safe before you go back in. If it is not habitable, you will have to find a secure place for you and your family while your home is under repair. This can be with friends or families, a hotel, or even a temporary apartment if possible.

Overall, hurricanes cause a lot of damage and recovery could take so much time. Planning and preparing in advance makes the repair process much smoother and less stressful for you and your entire family in the long run.

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