Building a Home? 5 Key Steps to Prepare the Property

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If you’ve purchased land with the intention of building yourself a brand-new home, the next step is to prepare the property for building. Before you break ground, you’ll need to make sure that the property is in the proper condition to lay down the house’s foundation. Here are five key steps to prepare your property.

Rough Staking

‘Rough staking’ is the process of marking out dimensions of the house with stakes to give builders and idea of what needs to be cleared. Trees, boulders and other natural obstructions can’t sit where your home will stand, and rough staking shows what needs to be cleared. You can do the rough staking yourself, or you can hire professionals if you’re reluctant.

Clearing Land

Once you’ve rough-staked and know how much area will be cleared, it’s time to call in working crews to remove trees, roots, and rocks. You’ll need to decide how to dispose of these materials; if you don’t want to pay for professional removal, you can sometimes bury it on-site. You can also burn waste if local fire codes allow it.


If your home is going to feature a basement, then you’ll need to have an area excavated to clear space for the below-ground rooms. As with clearing, waste materials–in this case, dirt from the excavation-are a problem. However, there are often areas of the property that can be filled to avoid hauling charges.


Once everything is cleared, you’ll need to grade the ground to reach the desired level for your house. This refers to moving dirt around to get the desired gradient by ‘cutting’ (removing dirt) or ‘filling’ (adding dirt.) the gradation of the land should take drainage into account to avoid future property damage.


In many cases, your property will need drilling services. Drilling is most commonly used to create, deepen or repair a well for drinking water, but may also be necessary to install pipelines. Be sure to hire professionals such as Mike’s Drilling, as they have the equipment and experience to drill efficiently without damaging the land.

Once you have a blueprint for your house, follow these five steps to prepare the land for building. You’ll need to spend time and money preparing the property, but it’s be worth it in the long run since you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the property is in the best condition possible to build your home.

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