Flame Danger: 5 Tips for Protecting Your Home from Fire

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A home fire can be a terrible event for a family. In addition to the home itself, it can be incredibly difficult to lose belongings, personal possessions, and other keepsakes.

Fires can happen unexpectedly, but in many cases, they can be prevented. There are some common causes of home fires as well as some safety tips that are too often overlooked. Below we’ll look at the 5 best tips for protecting your home from a fire.

Careful in the Kitchen

The home kitchen is one of the leading areas where a fire can originate. A fire is due to a stove that hasn’t been turned off or other cooking accidents. Be sure to be aware at all times when you are cooking a meal and pay attention whether you are using the microwave, the oven, the stovetop, or any other cooking appliance. You should also avoid letting any flammable objects such as towels and napkins near the cooking area.

Use Candles Properly

A common household item that has been known to be a top cause of fires are candles. While they can add a great aesthetic to a room, candles can be dangerous. Always remember to put out all candles that have been lit and don’t let any stay lit overnight or unattended. Just like with cooking, always remember to never put flammable or combustible objects by lit candles.

Invest in a Fire Extinguisher

Every home should have a working fire extinguisher at the bare minimum. A fire extinguisher from a business like The Fire Protection Specialist Company Pty Ltd will help to ensure more security in your home and help you put out any small fires that occur before they turn into something bigger. It’s a great idea to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen but you may want to have a backup in another area as well.

Maintain Other Problem Areas of Your Home

Aside from the kitchen, there are several more parts of your home that are prone to fire danger. These main areas are the chimney, electrical outlets, and home heating. Of your home. Cover electrical outlets with fire protectors and always ensure that electrical cords, fuses, and plugs are well-kept. Get your chimney inspected annually and keep it clean and repaired as needed. Be extremely careful of heating systems. Make sure all portable electric heaters are placed properly and kept away from sheets and curtains.

Keep Alarms in Working Condition

Finally, you should always be sure to set up multiple working fire alarms in your home. Make sure that batteries are replaced as soon as necessary. Be sure that you have fire alarms dispersed throughout your home but especially in the kitchen area and any other areas you expect to have a fire risk.

Final Thoughts

Fire damage often seems to be an unexpected problem that is unpreventable. However, the truth is that with a little bit of preparation and mindfulness, fires in the home can often be prevented. Follow the tips above to ensure your home is safe from fires and your family will be safe for years to come.

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