Years in the Making: How Smart Families Save to Improve Their Home

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Home ownership is one of the greatest investments a family can make, and smart families will want to add value to their properties through home improvements. But even if you’re a handyman (or -woman), improving a home can be a costly endeavor. Here are three easy ways a family can save money to make their house their dream home.

Keep a Money Diary

Families nowadays are so busy, it can be hard to track where all the money is going. Commit to keeping a money diary and share the results with the whole family. You’ll quickly see what your biggest outlays are—and what you can do without. Use the diary to plan changes, set savings goals, and track your progress. Encourage others to come up with ways to save, and have everyone participate in setting goals and keeping each other accountable. You’ll be surprised how quickly little changes can add up.

Trim the Grocery Bill

The grocery bill can be a family’s largest expense, especially if you have hungry teenagers in your home. Tailoring your weekly list, however, can really trim that bill. When you sit down to write out your list, spend a few minutes perusing your supermarket’s coupons and special offers. If there are items that have generic counterparts, reach for those instead and save the added cost of a name brand. And buy bulk whenever possible, as that initial investment will save you big money in the long term. With some care and attention, you can substantially reduce your weekly outlay and apply that money towards your savings goal.

Plan Pool Installations Carefully

When undertaking a major renovation to your home, such as installing a pool, it’s important to plan your project carefully. Work out a budget beforehand, and choose your pool style and size accordingly—and be sure to keep a cushion for unforeseen expenses. Some companies, such as The Pool Store, know that by starting with a pool design that fits comfortably within your budget, you’ll save yourself the headaches and stress of mounting installation costs.  You will also ensure that you get a beautiful pool your family will enjoy for years to come—and that will substantially increase your home’s value.

Saving money can take planning, time, and effort, but any smart family can find ways to save. A savings goal is not only an opportunity for some family teamwork, it’s a fun way to learn about budgeting and develop healthy financial habits, all while caring for your primary investment. Just be sure to reward yourselves when you reach your goal.

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