The Most In-Demand Features for Home Owners Today

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The housing market may be highly dynamic, but when it picks up a trend, it usually lasts for a long time. The same goes in terms of the features within a home. Some specifications are relatively new, while others have been around for years.

But when looking for a new home or planning a remodeling project, there are certain features which are more appealing than others. And as of this time, here are the most sought after home features.

Floor-to-Ceiling Installations

Floor-to-ceiling installations are built for one purpose: functionality. These types of windows, for example, maximize natural light and if the house is in a prime location, they also give the bonus of expansive views.

But this is not just about windows. In a past article here on Say Build, we mentioned that floor-to-ceiling cabinets are wonderful additions to your kitchen. Aside from the extra space, they also eliminate tasks like dusting or decorating the top and they look nice, too.

Smart Systems

Since the Internet of Things was established, the housing sector was quick to adapt by embracing related tech solutions. Among them is the utilization of smart systems for various purposes. The most popular are security systems and energy-saving modifications which include smart thermostats and lighting controls. Green lighting was actually highlighted in another Say Build blog entry and along with using energy-efficient lighting fixtures come solutions like app integration and auto-adjustment of luminance for conserving power.

These features are becoming more common today. In fact, most new residential construction projects especially in major cities are equipped with smart systems. To get a good measure of the scope of their usage, take for instance a real estate hotbed like Miami. A post from local housing experts Discover Homes Miami indicated that many ongoing condo projects are installing features such as climate control and wireless lighting in each of their units. This is even more so with single-family homes, wherein owners have more flexibility to apply modifications.

Laundry Area

This is an example of a feature which has been in-demand for decades. According to surveys relayed by Kiplinger, as high as 92 percent of buyers look for homes with dedicated laundry areas. The feature came out a key factor in a list made by National Association of Home Builders which consulted homeowners of all ages.

It’s important to note that a laundry area doesn’t necessarily mean a whole room. There are buyers content with small laundry closets. The vital factor is a clean space where people could easily take care of their clothes.

Built-in Bar

In an article from Business Insider, it was specified that built-in bars are highly in-demand among homeowners who are fond of hosting dinner parties. And considering that many people invest in properties to rent them out, this feature is already an effective marketing tool, too.

These are just some of the home features which are popular among home owners today. If you have plans on remodeling and reselling your property, you can take them into account as they will surely increase its value.

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