More Than Just Wind & Rain: How to Get Your Home Ready for a Harsh Winter

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Seasonal home maintenance is exceedingly important if you live in an area with harsh winters. Those who don’t get their property ready for the cold winter months could end up dealing with burst pipes, water damage, skyrocketing energy bills, and many other issues. With the proper home maintenance, you will be able to avoid expensive repairs and keep your family comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

Service Your Furnace or Boiler

At the very least, you should have your entire heating system serviced once a year. Even simple projects such as changing your filters or upgrading your old thermostat could save you hundreds of dollars. Homeowners who aren’t comfortable working on their boilers and furnaces need to have their heating systems inspected by experienced HVAC contractors. Many of these specialists guarantee their work, and that means you won’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns.

Seal All Leaks

An incredible amount of warm air will escape from your home if you don’t seal up all leaks. These leaks are generally found around doors and windows, but you must also inspect any vents or pipes that lead out of your home. While you are sealing those leaks with all-purpose caulking, you should check on your insulation as well. Most insulation is extremely durable, but you might need to replace it once every few years if it becomes matted or torn.

Protect Your Pipes

Well before the first frost arrives, you must disconnect all hoses from your outdoor faucets and then drain the pipes. Any moisture that is lingering in the exposed pipes could cause cracks and leaks. You can also insulate all of the exposed pipes inside of your home with polyethylene insulators. These small tubes are very easy to install, and they will keep your potable water at a consistent temperature. Insulating the water heater is another easy project, and it often allows homeowners to reduce their temperature settings by as much as ten degrees.

Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Having a local contractor, like one from Allstate Gutter & Siding, clean your downspouts and rain gutters could help you avoid serious damage during the first winter storm. Your gutters and downspouts are your first line of defense against ice dams, roof leaks, and foundation cracks. Some of these contractors can even install new siding to improve your home’s insulation and prevent interior water damage. Your home insurance might not cover water damage if it could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

If you still think that your home isn’t ready for the winter months, then you can schedule a comprehensive home inspection. An experienced home auditor will look over every inch of your property to make sure that it is ready for high winds, rainstorms, and cold fronts. Once the inspection is complete, you are going to be given a list of renovations and repairs that will make your home as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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