Escaping the Summer Heat: Why You Need to Make Sure Your AC Unit is Working Properly

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A poorly working AC can be for sure a disaster. You don’t get enough coolness, it’s always breaking down and the duct can’t stop licking. Keeping such a device without fixing it or getting rid of it makes the trouble double. Here are some reasons why you need to ensure that your unit is always working properly.

Poor Air Quality

When there is no inlet of outside air, yet the air conditioner is not also circulating the room with enough air, the result is poor quality air. If a house stays in such conditions for a long time, besides suffering from heat or humidity, its inhabitants end up with breathing problems that come as a result of the circulation of micro-organisms and germs that get trapped in the air. It is helpful to have a new unit installed from a company like A & E Heating and AC Inc. because it will help make sure your unit is working properly and efficiently.

Mold Build Up

Your air conditioner has what is called a dehumidifier built within it. The job of the dehumidifier is to make sure its water does not evaporate inside your building. When there are faults with your air conditioner directly connected with the dehumidifier, air from the AC gathers up and becomes a bread for mold build up. Remember mold grows within 48hours of exposure to stagnant water or moist.

Partial Cooling

Sometimes a poorly working AC will make some parts of the house cool and others not. It may even be better to go without an air conditioner than to have one on when it isn’t cooling the entire house because humidity may increase inside and make it more uncomfortable than the heat outside.

Energy Efficiency

If your AC unit is working poorly, you may see a rise in your energy bills each month. This means that your unit is not cooling your home as efficiently as it should. You want to be able to use your AC without breaking your bank account each month. This means you will either need to have your current unit repaired or replaced.


One way to completely wear your air conditioner is to make it work even when it can’t keep going. You will spend more in repairs and even then end up with a broken down AC. An AC in a good working condition automatically turns on and off as a way to keep the temperatures at a normal level. If your AC is not properly working it won’t take rest intervals. Instead, it will keep going without rest and this will make it wear away even more.

In the long run, it is less costly to repair and maintain an AC unit than it is to use one that isn’t properly functioning. The repair costs for an overworked AC can double or worse, repair may become impossible and end you losing your entire AC unit. But remember, it is not always a broken down AC that causes poorly working AC. Sometimes it can be that you are using a system smaller than the space it is supplying. Always make sure you employ a professional to install an AC unit for you.

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