The Man Cave Escape: 7 Things Every Man Should Have in His Garage

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Every man needs a place where he can get away from the grind of daily life. Batman had the Batcave, Superman had his Fortress of Solitude and you deserve a man cave of your own. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Man caves can be luxurious or utilitarian. Making your man cave a little gritty can be a good thing. The vibe is a lot less important than the features. Here are seven things every man should have in his garage to make it the perfect man cave.\

1. Awesome TV

Whether it is a big plasma, 3DTV or a projector with a white screen, you need something to watch movies and sports on in your man cave. You need to find a TV that is the right size for your space. Make sure to get a good surround sound system with it to make the viewing experience complete.

2. Comfy Chairs

At a minimum, you need one really good chair that you can enjoy luxuriating in for hours in your garage. No man cave is compete without a comfy recliner. Putting in a sofa or two along with a few easy chairs ensures that your guests will be comfortable hanging out in your garage as well. It is a good idea to keep a few dozen folding chairs on hand in case you have a large gathering for a UFC fight, Super Bowl or other big occasion.

3. Refrigerator

You don’t want to have to leave your man cave every time you want a cold drink. Put a fridge in your man cave, and fill it with a good selection of your favorite soft drinks and adult beverages. As part of your refrigerator planning, you may want to consider installing a keg fridge. Having beer on tap is the sign of a truly excellent man cave.

4. Poker Table

No man cave has truly been broken in until it hosts its first poker game. You don’t want to play on a rickety, old card table. Make sure you get a nice poker table with felt on it to create the right setting for you weekly poker night. Get some good clay chips and several decks of cards as well. The next time you are at a casino, try to remember that you can buy used decks in great condition from casinos for a low price. When you are planning your garage organization, keep in mind that you can always store your poker table out of the way between games.

5. Some Kind of Bar Game

Make sure to include a bar game or two in your garage man cave setup. No matter how little space you have, you can always put in a dartboard. A pool table, ping pong table and foosball table are all good bar games that you can add. Adding a shuffleboard and corn hole platforms is a good idea as well. Having as many fun games to play as possible will make your man cave a place where it’s hard to get bored.

6. Cool Posters

Your man cave is the place to go wild with all the decorating choices that your significant other won’t allow you to enjoy in the rest of the house. Take advantage of this by putting up some awesome movie and sports posters. Hanging the pennants of your favorite sports teams is another nice touch to decorate your man cave.

7. Bar

If you have ever dreamed of playing bartender, there is nothing better than having your own bar in your garage. You can make it as fancy or utilitarian as you want. A few two-by-four’s and a little bit of plywood are all you need to build a simple bar in your garage where you can entertain your buddies.

Your man cave should reflect your personality. Never feel bound by any particular decorating style. Make your garage your own special space that makes you happy every time you enter it. Start by adding as many of the seven items above as possible in your garage, and your man cave will soon start to take shape.

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