4 Ways to Make Your Backyard Hot Tub Work Better and Last Longer

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Installing an entire swimming pool may not be the best idea for your home or budget. However, a hot tub is a perfect balance of water fun and relaxation for the entire family. You’ve decided to install this water feature, but you’re concerned about upkeep. Don’t worry about taking care of your hot tub when there are just a few tips that you need to follow. Make your hot tub work better and longer with these expert tips.

Clean the Exterior

Your hot tub will last longer and look better when you regularly clean the exterior. Many owners overlook this maintenance tip because the exterior is often wet from frolicking play inside the tub itself. However, the spa chemicals and water can form a film on the exterior that looks unsightly. These residues can also damage the exterior over time. Ideally, take a damp rag to the exterior and wipe it down each month. Depending on the hot tub’s manufacturer, the exterior may be made of acrylic. This substance is incredibly resilient to damage over time, but you still need to wipe it down. As a result, your efforts make the hot tub look appealing while revealing any issues that require attention, such as leaks or cracks.

Add a Cover

A clever way to protect your hot tub between uses is by adding a cover. These covers take the brunt of the sunlight’s radiation so that the tub’s liner doesn’t break down under accelerated circumstances. When your cover seems to be aging, simply replace it. It’s more cost effective to replace the cover than to reline the tub itself. The cover also gives the tub a level of safety. Kids can’t hop into the water without the parents’ knowledge, for example. Simply wipe down the cover when you maintain the tub’s exterior for a long lifespan.

Drain and Sanitize Frequently

During the busy season, you want clean water for every day of the week. Continually check your hot tub’s chemical levels so that they can be altered as necessary. For most tubs, you only need to add a few chemicals throughout the week. As a weekly habit, shock the water with a sanitizing agent. This huge, chemical addition breaks down microorganisms so that they don’t replicate and ruin your water quality.  As an added measure, drain the hot tub entirely every few months. This practice is important because you’ll be able to see any problematic issues in the hot tub with the water removed. Service your hot tub during these draining periods, and you’ll always have a properly running unit.

Care for the Parts

The parts that contribute to a quality, hot-tub experience include the spa filter and pump. It’s important to care for these parts because the hot tub cannot function without them. Clean out the spa filter on a regular basis. You’ll find debris stuck inside the filter that hinders water movement through it. Depending on the hot tub’s usage frequency, replace the filter each year. Your water quality and associated parts will run with ease when the filter is of good quality. Take care of your pump by constantly maintaining a proper water level in the hot tub. When the pump draws in air, it can be systematically damaged. Simply add water with a garden hose so that the pump always draws in water. You’ll hear the pump sucking in air, which alerts you to the issue.

It’s possible to take on every care item as a DIY project, but don’t hesitate to contact professionals once or twice a year. These experts evaluate your hot tub with a critical eye so that any missed items are quickly repaired or serviced. With the diligent care of both you and the professionals, your hot tub can last for many years without constant issues.

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