How to Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Patio Cover

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Anyone looking to liven up the outdoors must consider patio covers. They are an investment capable of sheltering you from the elements, increasing the value of your home and adding to the overall enjoyment of the outdoors. Patio covers are available in multiple sizes, styles, and materials but these can be overwhelming for those trying them for the first time. These tips will certainly get you started on the transformation of your outdoor space;

Wood patio covers

Wood is the best material for a patio cover that creates a rustic feel and complements everything around it. To improve the effect, you can hang a lantern on each post or bring in a wooden dining table. A basket of your favorite flowers hanging from the patio cover would do a good job of enhancing the space.

Free standing patio covers

Make things even more interesting using free standing patio covers. These are a favorite among designers as it is easy to move around the space for various purposes. On a party night it can turn into a cool entertainment spot and during the day, it can be used as an outdoor dining area. People who love entertaining outside can use a free standing patio cover to shelter the outdoor kitchen from the elements. In addition to protecting your expensive cooking gear, a stylish patio cover is a great addition to any part of your lawn.

Customized patio covers

A patio cover may be customized in any way to reflect the homeowner’s personal touch in the outdoor area. Speakers are great add-ons that will give you a chance to entertain outside on any day. It would be great to add fans to your patio cover in Phoenix to bring more comfort outside in the sweltering heat.

Open or lattice roof

Instead of the usual solid covers, choose the more transformative open or lattice roof.  Make sure to choose a style that complements instead of clashing with the yard. The greatest advantage of lattice patio covers is that they provide shade while allowing rays of the constant sun to seep in. These are a perfect way to create a partially shaded patio as opposed to solid roofs that block all light.

Spruce it up with vines

If you already have a patio cover, some greenery around it would make for a dramatic effect. On any side that you like, string some rope from the top to the bottom and then train some vines. The plants will crawl up creating a stunning wall. Get as creative as you can to bring out colour and desired patterns that will draw even more attention to the focal point. You must also choose shade resistant plants for this area of little sun. If you are a minimalist, train the vines on the posts for a less overwhelming display of your personal tastes.

Choose a geometric metal patio cover to achieve a rectilinear appearance. For more comfort, make sure that the roof is louvered so you can control the amount of shade. White patio covers contrast nicely with wooden decks and concrete walls but you are free to choose any color that pleases you.

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