Cool Hacks for Cooling Down Your Home this Summer

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This year’s summer season really seems to be out to get us. The temperatures are getting higher and for people living in dry areas it can get exceptionally hot at times. If you live in the city, surrounded by concrete or in a tall apartment building, you know how bad those middays can get.

Air conditioning has become an absolute necessity in the modern home, but at the end of the month, high energy bills can make any of us consider an alternative. And so we offer several little known hacks that just might save your skin (if not literally).

Icy Creativity

One thing you can do as a step toward getting cooler is to put a small water bottle in the freezer. After the water has frozen completely solid, place it at the foot of your bed, wrapped in a thin cloth or a towel.

Another thing you can do is locate the cool-off spots on your body and apply the ice on them. Another creative thing to do is to freeze water previously salted with rock salt. It lowers the temperature at which water freezes making the ice much colder. Then, fill a metal bowl with the salted ice and place it in front of a fan. The difference will be noticeable in a matter of minutes. 

Cooling Down the Old School Way

As funny as it sounds, whenever you are feeling cold or hot, warming up or cooling off your feet will actually regulate the temperature in your entire body. Feet and hands have specialized blood vessels that can transport large amounts of blood very quickly, which in turn affects the temperature regulation throughout our bodies. Making a small foot bath with mildly cool water will help in the heat. The same goes for the wrists – holding them under a cold stream in the sink cools you off in a matter of seconds.

Aside from freezing it and using it for baths and showers, water has other interesting and creative uses for the summer season.

  1. Damp towels – When the days get particularly hot and you find yourself sweating more than usual, soak a towel in cold water and squeeze out the excess until it’s only damp. Carry it around the house and rub it around your neck and forehead every once in awhile.
  2. Damp sheets – The same can apply to sheets, just keep in mind to do it only in extreme cases and during the day, as the nights tend to get cooler and you run the risk of catching pneumonia.
  3. Water spray – A more harmless alternative is to fill a spray bottle with iced water, and spritz yourself occasionally.
  4. Hydration – Drink plenty of water as excessive sweating leads to dehydration.

Mind the Blinds

During the daytime hours, close the blinds or curtains, especially if you’re facing the sunny side. Light generates heat, and believe it or not, the darker the room, the cooler it will be. The same goes for artificial lighting. Switch off whatever light is not absolutely necessary. Additionally, closing the blinds will limit the amount of heat entering your home, which is yet another bonus.

Use Your AC

Chances are that you will want to limit your use of AC, not completely get rid of it, because it can make a lot of difference concerning our health in the summer. It not only cools down the home, but filters air and refreshes the rooms. So how can you exactly use it smarter? Turn it on only when the heat becomes unbearable, which is anywhere between 10AM and 3PM. Check regularly for faults in the unit and clean out the filters, because even the best air conditioning has at its disposal isn’t unbreakable, and it needs care and maintenance.

Air Flow

Last, but not least, open up all doors inside your home. The number one reason why we have trouble cooling down is from the lack of air flow. Especially during nighttime, open up all windows and let the air flow in freely. During the day, when you turn on your AC or the fan, point it at the door to allow some air circulation. Ceiling fans can also help in this case, if you set them to turn counter-clockwise. They will pull up the heated air, and move it outward.

To Sum Up

The summertime brings more than ice cream, seaside, and swimming every year. It comes with mosquitoes, its own health risks, and lately, insufferable heat. However, things are far from desperate. Surrounded by resourceful individuals who discover all kinds of handy little tricks that make our lives easier, we know ice can be combined with fan air, cold water on your feet and wrists will lower your temperature, and closing the blinds actually cools down the interior. Hopefully, some of these tips will prove to be a life saver for the next few months.

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