Magnificent Mansions: 4 Home Building Tips for the Modern Family

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If your finances allow you the option of building your own home to raise your family instead of settling for what’s on the market, you have the chance to design your dream home. It doesn’t have to a spacious, elaborate mansion to feel like one. The right design choices and materials can make a statement and provide the luxury that’s right for you. Here are some tips for building a modern home with classic style.

New Materials

If you can’t afford hardwood floors, marble tile, or granite countertops, consider some modern alternatives. Engineered wood is thick natural veneer over laminate, so it’s much cheaper but looks and feels like traditional flooring. Laminate countertops are often made with hard resins that are very close to natural stone. Modern concrete mixes can take a fine finish, and are just as durable as granite or marble. Don’t overlook alternatives like recycled glass or ceramics.

Sun Room

A glassed enclosure can serve as a solarium, conservatory, greenhouse, or any number of lifestyle uses, but you can get the extra square footage generally for much less than a traditional room. You can buy kits in a variety of sizes that are easy to set up. They typically use aluminum frames that snap and bolt together, along with floor-to-ceiling insulated glass or translucent panes. Drapes or blinds will help to keep the heat out in summer and lower AC costs.


If you have a green thumb and a decent amount of yard space, what surrounds your home can add beauty and value to the home itself. Lush lawns, gardens, and shrubbery are a start, but depending on your available space you can add elegant touches like fountains, fish ponds, grottoes, walkways, statues, and more. Some of these can be from affordable and durable materials like concrete or fiberglass.

Distinctive Roof

You aren’t limited to asphalt shingles. If your roof isn’t too steep, consider cement or fiber cement tiles that come in a variety of designs and colors for a more upscale, contoured look. Other modern roofing materials include metal tiles, which can be decorative as they are or covered with layers of other materials to resemble stone or ceramic. Check with a local roofing contractor like Arcadia Roofing or something similar, who might suggest some other modern alternatives that provide an elegant appearance to you whole home.

Whether your goal is eco-friendly construction, classic elegance, or ultra-modern housing, there is a terrific array of products out there. Plan your budget and selections carefully, and you may get much closer to mansion quality than you thought possible.

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