Unique Features: How to Build a House with All the Necessary Amenities

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Building a home allows you to include all of the necessary elements of functionality along with the amenities you really want. When choosing which features to include in your new home, consider how your family might change over the years and how you will use the space. Keep these four unique features in mind for your custom-built home.

Include a Safe Room

When building a home, be sure to include a safe room. This type of a room could be used in a variety of situations. If your home will not have a basement or underground level, a fortified safe room could protect you in the event of severe weather. A safe room also gives you a secure place to put precious belongings and valuables. Safe rooms are usually built with reinforced concrete and rebar and have no windows.

Install an HVAC System

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is essential to the comfort of your home. Some companies, like HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, know that you might consider a high efficiency HVAC setup. This will lower your monthly utility bills and decrease the size of your home’s carbon footprint. There are furnaces available that have as high as a 98 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. Choose the most efficient system that you can afford. Be sure to have duct work sealed and insulated for additional energy savings.

Build a Walk-In Pantry

In addition to building the kitchen of your dreams, be sure to include plenty of storage space. A walk-in pantry is an ideal solution, especially if you have a growing family or if you host friends and family for holidays, parties or weekend dinners. Be sure to outfit the walk-in pantry with plenty of adjustable shelving and some counter space for plugging in appliances.

Create a Space for Sunshine

Create a space for sunshine in your new home. A three or four-season room is an ideal solution. You could also consider the installation of a conservatory. These spaces allow plenty of natural light to come in. During the summertime, shades can be drawn to reduce daytime heating. Have heated floors installed to enhance the comfort of the space during the wintertime.

Working with a contractor and architect to design a custom-built home allows you to get the home of your dreams. In addition to including the necessities, such as HVAC and efficient electrical and plumbing systems, be sure to include some enjoyable amenities. These special touches will turn the structure from a house into a much-enjoyed home.

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