4 Ways Homeowners Can Install a Durable Shed in the Backyard

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A backyard shed is an ideal storage solution for your lawn care equipment, gardening supplies and backyard toys. Putting a shed in the backyard also frees up space in your garage. Consider these four ways that you can install a durable shed in your backyard.

Select an Optimal Site for the Shed

Your first consideration for the installation of a durable shed is where to put it. Your community might have restrictions on how close a shed can be to your neighbor’s property line. You might also need to consider the proximity of underground utility lines and above-ground utility lines. Also keep in mind the amount of clearance and space you will need in order to get items into and out of the shed.

Pour a Concrete Foundation

In order for your new shed to be durable, it needs to have a solid foundation. Concrete makes for a strong foundation for your storage shed. If your shed will not have its own flooring, the concrete might also be able to double as the floor of the shed. Be sure to have the concrete poured on a dry day. The concrete will then need several days to cure.

Build a Shed from Scratch

Building a shed from scratch allows you to include custom features. For example, if you are building a gardener’s shed, you might wish to have a lot of shelves and a space for transferring plants from one pot into another. Some companies, like Just Sheds, know that you should create solid building plans and be sure to secure a work permit before starting the project. If you have never taken on such a big project, consider consulting with a contractor or carpenter.

Choose a Pre-Made Shed

To save time on the installation of a shed, consider purchasing one that is already built. Pre-made sheds come in a variety of sizes. They could be made from wood, metal or a combination of materials. They will also have roofing, which could be made from asphalt shingles, metal sheeting or corrugated steel. You will need to secure the shed to the prepared foundation.

Once your shed is in place, be sure to outfit it with locks. A locksmith could create sturdy locks that will keep the belongings in your shed safe. If you have a home security system, consider extending it to your shed. Regular maintenance will help to ensure that your shed remains durable and continues to look as good as it did when you installed it.

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