How to Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Few Simple Accents

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Although the bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in most homes, it is one of the most frequently visited. The things that are done in the bathroom require a high level of functionality. Consider these four upgrades to your bathroom that will make the space look better and function better for your daily needs.

Replace the Mirror

The bathroom mirror is something that you use every day as you brush your teeth, wash your face, shave or put on cosmetics. If the mirror is in poor condition or is too small, replace it with a premium mirror. Because of the heat and humidity in the bathroom, avoid installing a mirrored medicine cabinet that is designed to contain over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

Upgrade to a Sleek Vanity

The bathroom vanity is where your daily supplies such as lotions, creams, razors, bandages and other items are stored. If the vanity has insufficient storage, your bathroom could be disorganized or cluttered. Consider a new, sleek vanity that has enough storage to keep your items well-organized. You might also want an area under the sink where you can store cleaning supplies.

Install a New Shower Surround and Door

A new shower surround and door will make a big difference in the way that your bathroom looks. A new shower surround, like those available from Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath, is also a good idea if you have just had a plumbing leak repaired. If you prefer to use a shower curtain instead of a shower door, you might also consider a new surround or shell for the bathtub.

Add Better Lighting

Improving the lighting in your bathroom will make a big difference in the functionality of the space. Overhead lighting is helpful so that you can see what you are doing when you shower or bathe. Wall-based lighting makes it easier for you to see your face when you floss and brush your teeth, wash your face, shave or apply cosmetics. Consider a wall sconce with a low-wattage light bulb that you can use for bathroom visits during the middle of the night.

Each of these upgrades takes less than one day to complete. If you are not handy, you could have plumbers or contractors make these upgrades for you. Having professionals do the work will make the process go smoother. Be sure to choose materials and fixtures that will make you happy. Each time you enter your upgraded bathroom, you will feel satisfied and happier with this important household room.

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