Custom Home: 4 Design Ideas to Consider When Building a New House

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Building a new home allows you to get exactly what you want. Consider both your current and future needs when designing your house. Keep in mind that your family size could change and each family member’s needs may change as they get older.

Sun Room

Exposure to natural sunlight is known to improve the mood and help with the regulation of sleep cycles. With a four-season sun room built onto your new home, you can enjoy sunshine every day of the year, even when it is too cold or too hot to comfortably go outside. A four-season sun room has plentiful windows and is usually located on the south side of your home. Ceiling fans and retractable shades can keep the space comfortable in the heat of summer.

Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry helps to keep your kitchen free of clutter. The builders could install adjustable shelving units with the capacity to hold large containers of bulk food purchases. Some companies, like David James Custom Homes, know that the shelves could also be used to hold the kitchen gadgets and appliances that you do not use every day. A walk-in pantry is also a great place to store the big bag of dog or cat food.

Twin Walk-in Closets

Having two walk-in closets in your master suite is a wise choice. You and your partner will not have to argue over who gets the most space if you both have equally sized closets. Ask the builders to include a variety of rods for hanging different types of clothes. Shelving units make it easy to store sweaters, shoes and accessories.

Mud Room with Built-in Storage

A mud room is a transitional area that allows you to keep the rest of your home cleaner. When you arrive home, the mud room is where dirty shoes or boots, backpacks, shopping bags and wet coats can be taken care of. Many people use the mud room as a central location for getting ready for work or school. It is also a good place to put pet accessories, such as the dog’s leash.

You will have a lot of choices to make when building a new house. Ask your contractors and builders for plenty of photos and examples of different design features. You may like part of one design and part of another, and they could combine them for you. Take your time and enjoy the process so that you can be completely comfortable and satisfied once your custom-built home is ready for you.

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