Summer Yard Care: How to Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer

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As temperatures warm up and the growing season begins, it’s time to plan for summer lawn care. With the raising temperatures, it will become harder to keep your yard looking good and green. To make sure that it stays looking its best and looking green will take a lot of work on your part. The following tips can help to keep your grass green and healthy with minimal effort and cost.

Clear Lawn of Clutter

To give grass the best chance of springing up naturally, remove lawn equipment, patio furniture, and other items from the yard to expose the grass to sun and air. Trim heavy brush or leafy trees to avoid brown spots or heavy overgrowth. Parking a car on the grass or letting anything large or heavy lay on the lawn for periods of time can cause the grass to wither and die.

Keep Lawn Hydrated

One of the most important things you can do to take care of your yard is to make sure that it gets water and that it gets water as often. This is especially true if you live in dryer and more desert like climates. If you live in an area that does not receive adequate rainfall to sustain healthy grass, establish a daily watering routine, preferably morning or evening when water is less likely to quickly evaporate. A basic irrigation system can meet soil needs for optimum growing conditions. Find out whether your yard would benefit from a hydration system.

Control Pet Access

Dogs, either yours or the neighbor’s, that repeatedly use your lawn for toileting may damage the grass and cause it to become sparse or turn brown. Have a talk with the pet owner if that person’s dog is using your lawn without permission. Encourage your own dog to either use a selected spot where grass is not being especially cultivated or visible, or to vary the toileting areas to avoid excessive urinary damage.

With that said, you also want to limit your walking on the lawn as much as possible. You can solve this problem by building walkways and using it as much as possible. This will eliminate foot prints and flat grass and potentially other nice plants throughout your lawn.

Monitor Results

Taking steps like those mentioned above, check your lawn weekly to ensure you are getting the desired results. If the grass is not fresh green or doesn’t appear healthy, or if it is being overrun by weeds or insects, you may need to treat your lawn with soil fertilizer for grass or contact pest control experts for an inspection. Sometimes a process must be tweaked or repeated for best results.

A green lawn makes your property even more attractive and inviting. Get an early start this year for grass that looks better than it ever has before. A minor investment of effort to keep your lawn looking great all summer could soon lead to great and lasting results.

You may also want to consult specialists like Hydrotech Irrigation Co. With many years of experience and industry-specific knowledge, this professional company can advise you on the best type of hydration to enhance grass growth and health.

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